Fake It Til You Make It? HAHA

Jessika does have real designer bags. But her exotic Chanel’s and her birkin are FAKE AF!!! Terrible fakes. Hurts the eyes. You’re clearly new money as you try to front so hard and brag about mindless things as a phone case. You’re so fake! Your body your face and your “50k bags” LOL .. more like your 1k ioffer bags. Keep it real stop being such a fraudster. Anyone with $ can see right through you.. you’re so pathetic you had to beg girls you’ve never met to attend your birthday. Must suck not being able to keep a friend … I mean worker for you. Escorting for more than a few months. Only people lesser than you can’t see your fake life you’re pretending to have. Change your life and maybe you’ll be able to keep a friend. Ps google yourself. Kane stain of You falling in sh*t is funny af. You can take a girl out of the hood but You can’t take the hood out of the girl. Stay in your gutter where you belong and please stop photoshopping your nose off…

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