Even More Proof That Ninwa Khoshaba Is A Racist POS

So this mother daughter team decides to come back to their home town of Modesto recently and were out and about shooting off racial slurs N-words etc. like they are OG hoes of this town. Its mind blowing to us peasants who still reside in Modesto that these two monsters who moved off to L.A. to escape the past of the backlash of their outwardly racist and inappropriate behavior would think that anyone here wouldn’t remember who they are. The wonderful mother, Ninwa Khoshaba, who is a regular on your website seems to not only encourage but back up her daughter Natalia Narsa’s foul mouth when blurting out racial epitaphs, slurs you name ’em. In fact her daughter Natalia was actually fired from Best Buy / Samsung years ago right here in Modesto for blasting the N word on her public twitter account for all to see! And of course her mom aka Miss Coca- Cola stood by her daughter’s actions and claimed freedom of religion? really? So Nik it does seem the apple does in fact not fall far from the tree. Attached is all the proof you be the judge and god bless!

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