Erin Marie Parker – Gold Digger, Denver and Tallahassee

Her name is Erin Marie Parker. Be careful if you happen to to meet this woman. She will just use you for her sake. She is a liar and a fraudster. She is from Denver and from Tallahassee.

She used a lot of address. She gets everything that she wanted by using other people’s money. I happened to communicate with the 2 guys he dated before. He accuses her last boyfriend of killing her dog. He posted something that ruins the reputation, so she can get a financial support. She is still living with her mom until now. She is already 35.

And I also talked to the guy he dated before her last boyfriend. He also told me that Erin uses his debit card for her shopping and some of her personal needs. She uses different details on a dating app so he can get guys attention. This is a piece of advice to all the guys who happened to me meet her. She only cares about money.

One thought on “Erin Marie Parker – Gold Digger, Denver and Tallahassee

  1. The girl who posted this has been cyber stalking me since April . She also created email accounts using my identity to try and make my ex think I was harassing her. I didn’t even learn she knew my ex until he contacted me in July informing me of the emails and the girl who created them was a google employee he met on a service call. She lives in the Philippines. He told me her name and I realized it was the same girl who had been harassing me on Instagram. Pretty sad that a complete stranger who knows nothing about me can take her jealous rage to the internet and post absurd lies about me ruining my reputation with absolutely 0 truth to her claims. Even more sad that I, the victim have to pay upwards of $14,000 to have the stalkers lies and slander, libel taken down from the websites and if I font pay, my reputation gets ruined while the criminal gets away with her cyber bullying without being held accountable. How does anyone who works for these sites look at themselves in the mirror everyday knowing they are responsible for posting lies about people without vetting any of the info and while protecting the bully who has never met me ? Pretty disgusting.

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