Erin Gomez Bloomfield — Durango, Colorado

This disgusting pig has been interfering in my relationship for years now and I am fed up. My husband got with Erin Gomez Bloomfield while we were dating and he and I were on a break. I had recently been raped (for the second time while in the military) and didn’t think it was fair for my husband to deal with that while he was trying to get off of his medications. She got all clingy and psycho and he told her to beat it and my husband and I got back together and then married. She’s been trying to get him back ever since we got back together. She continues to contact my husband and trying to break our relationship up despite me telling her numerous times to leave us alone. She even uses ghost numbers to contact him. My husband isn’t innocent in this by any means, but I have had enough with this psycho Swim Fan b*tch. She was even contacting my husband while I was in the hospital after giving birth to our son. It was a high risk pregnancy and I my son was born 3 weeks early. This b*tch knew that and was still after my husband. My husband lost his arm while serving in Afghanistan in the Army and I served in the Marine Corps for ten years. All she’s ever done with her miserable life is marry a pedophile. This b*tch has the nerve to call herself a Mormon when she’s chasing after somebody else’s husband. If you live in Durango, watch out for this homewrecker. She will probably be after your husband too.

One thought on “Erin Gomez Bloomfield — Durango, Colorado

  1. You are pathetic. Erin is a legit person and a productive member of society. You are clearly an insecure person. Why don’t you blast your husbands name all over the internet as well? All of you are so quick to judge and I’m sure it’s because you’re all perfect little angels. Nobody wants to hear your sob story or smell your dirty laundry. Have some tact and stop blaming other people for your relationships shortcomings. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN PROBLEMS.


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