Erica Lynn Berry – Hollis, Maine

Erica Berry of Hollis Maine is a true home wrecker. She’s slept with married men, men who have babies on the way, and lord only knows who else. She is slutty and desperate and will go for any man who shows her a little attention or buys her stuff. 
She slept with the married coach of her sons football team. She thinks that coach is all about her, but he sneaks off and gets with his wife still because Erica is so fake, flabby and saggy that she just doesn’t do it for him 100%. She’s been sent screenshots and given proof, but she’s so pathetic that she doesn’t care. She deserves for her already married boyfriend to be cheating on her though, so it’s whatever. 
If this woman starts to befriend your husband just know she is trying to sleep with him. And men of weak character who possess no moral fiber just love this hoe!

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