Eric Johnson – Maryland

A narcissist who will trap you in a web of hell you wish you would want to end it all. Cheater, liar, abuser. Charming businessman at day, Devil at night. Is on multiple dating sites with alias treeman, erictree, oceanfishingguy, eric9775, you name it. Even went as far as picking up hookers from “seeking arrangments”. Narcissist mentality of power and always wanting new, better, younger, fresher, hotter. Lies very boldly and makes says you are the crazy one that needs to be locked up in a nut hut. Putting his hands on you is just the beginning. The verbal abuse is the worst. He also has henchmen family and supporters who will dog you and abuse you just as he does. Claim you are the crazy one. No empathy, no support. Shower you with gifts and money, in the beginning, all part of the game. All bets are off, no boundaries. Friend’s daughters? Tried to screw two of his friend’s daughters. Succeded in screwing one. Likes younger women, more than half his age. Stear clear of this monster.

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