Emmylou knops liar' family breaker

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So this dumb bitch lied to me we where home girls for ever. She said she wasn’t cheating on her man with this lame then she turns around and post on snap chat them together! She had me thinking her husband was a bad person the hole time which is weird because he never was. So she lied to me and the rumors are true she had her own kids around this lame. Who does that bring there cheating right in front of her own kids!!!! Well her is you watering hole you dirty bitch!


  1. Nick

    I know this bitch!… east county . Her x john “sickboy” is on megans law for being a Pedophile! even when she had it good she went back to drugs and losers great way to teach your kids to be f’ed up and your daughter to be a slut! She use to fuck me when she was dating john. Can’t turn a hoe into a house wife sad for her husband and kids. Emmy I guess this is it loser lol! Hoe don’t change and now you Down graded lol!

  2. Anonymous

    Seen that guy at some show’s he sucks. Just your normal hype man. No skill or real talent there. Seen her to Groupie with her daughter, so sad midlife Crisis/drugs maybe a little of both. Emmy lesson 1 don’t fuck the hype man 2 don’t turn your own daughter to a slut.

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