Eloida Riojas Reyna – San Antonio, Texas

This is Ellie Rios also know known as Eloida Riojas Reyna she changed her name to recreate a new I Age for herself when she is still a dirty low down Sloot! Ladies for as much attention she attracts because she feels she’s a big movement, she has not changed! She recently has been screwing my best friends husband. She has zero respect for anything or anyone. This couple saw past her past and purchased a home from her only to later find out Eloida has been screwing the husband. She hasn’t had hip issues like states she’s been having lots of plastic surgery being paid out of my friends soon to be ex husband pocket. Ellie Rios latched on to him for the cash. The only reason my friend found out was cause she caught a DRD and he came clean. They are now both in couples therapy but I wanted to share how low that piece of trash of Eloida Riojas Reyna Rios would go! I hope my friends survive!

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