Elisha Pressy — Duncan, Oklahoma

Elisha Pressy had an ongoing sexual relationship with her married boss for approximately 6 months. She was married as well. She knew he was married. In fact, she bragged about having sex with him after he called his wife on their wedding anniversary. She sent him naked photos of herself, including one zoomed in on her vagina, one of her completely naked, and one in lingerie. She stayed in the hotel room next to his, many times in an adjoining room and in her words, “the door was always open.” She sent emails saying “she missed his smell and she would lay in bed holding one of her children aching for him.” Once she was discovered, she threatened to send photos that included his face “eating her” to his children’s school. She was still chatting with him online 4 months after the affair supposedly ended telling him that she was divorcing her husband and that she had bought her husband out of his half of the mortgage. She uses some of the most disgusting language I have personally ever heard a woman use. She still lives in Duncan.

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