Elaine Ollerton George

Elaine Ollerton George in Magna Utah cheated on her husband for 25 years and remains married to take his company Terry George Construction and Aspenwood Homes. Aka Elle George lied to her family to go to Las Vegas to make anal porn and has slept with men in exchange for cruises, used cellphones and redneck boots. She spreads herpes and tries to have sex with family friends. Elaine is schizophrenic because she thinks ghosts talk to her and tell her to cheat. She is a dangerous psycho! When she was dumped she sent photos of herself with a gun to her head saying she would kill herself if the affair didn’t continue. Elaine is so desperate she tried to blackmail men to have sex with her. Her vagina is dry and loose and she needs entire bottles of lube . Men need to get severely intoxicated for her old asshole to be enjoyable.

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