This is my fater Edgard Donado with his w**** Maria Elena Morales in EL Salvador. My Father is still married with my mom for more then 30 years. He always live in New York, because he was the owner of his own yellow cab and last year he decided to sell it and take of to his country. He abandon my mom and now my mom is with in NC, yes my dad is a jerk that i am ashamed to call him dad. EDGARD ANTONIO DONADO


  1. Rox Poon

    Wendy Donado is my paternal half younger sister who is so bitter Dad separated from her mom back in 1994 and he still tried to work out the already broken marriage all the way till 2002 when he finally refused to chase them to NC after traveling back and forth for Wendy’s mom decisions…
    Although he is who helped my sister Wendy on the purchase of her home financially I am in disbelief to see these post where she tries to shame our Dad he has done nothing else, but sacrifice for her all his life something he never did for me (not his fault, he was only 24 years old when my mom was murdered and I was 4 years myself)

    I am Rox Donado his first child who didn’t grow up with him, however I still love and adore him and most of all I respect him. I want all happiness for my Dad he’s 75 years old and deserves to live in peace.

    I am utterly embarrassed my sister is creating lies about our father.
    He barely started this new relationship with Doña Elena back in 2013

    Wendy you need to evaluate your stand here, you I believe claim to be Christian and should reconsider doing this to Dad.

    SHAMEFUL of you Dad even found you a good husband after you were left raising your boy as a single mom.

    You don’t even want to have a relationship with me your older sister. I can’t believe you don’t allow our kids to know each other. You need to do some growing up.
    You are 39 years old for Gods sake.

  2. Wendy

    You don’t know Shit! Of what really happened between my parents! My father is really good at lying! For years he has come to NC and spent time with my mother as a real marriage and sleeping in the same bed till I discovered the love letters in his luggage from that ugly bitch in El Salvador. He even asked me to get a house with a fourth bedroom for him and my mother. But because I discover he was cheating on my mom , things turn upside down that my mom didn’t want anything to do with him anymore. He always talk shit about you too and other relatives. My is really good at lying!

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