Earl Fields Stover – Missouri

Earl is a creepy perverted predator that goes from woman to woman. He is a dangerous sociopath that is addicted to porn, especially foot fetish porn. He is a heavy meth user and has a criminal record for beating women. Hes a pathalogical liar that loves to triangulate and pit people against each other and is a gaslighter. Will hold a conversation at any length only if it is all about him, and he makes up bizzare false stories about his past like he was stabbed in Central America while on an Army mission. The knife scar on his shoulder blade is from a huge fat pocket cyst.Too many wild stories to mention.He trolls on Plenty of Fish and likes ate up crack hoes. He has unprotected sex with anyone, and he does mot believe im condoms. He preys on women with young teens, and grooms and molds them, and acts innapropriate with them. He loves to play mind games.suck you in, devalue you,make fun of you,and say horrible things behind your back and when you find out hes been cheating or lying and confront him, he discards you and twists it all around. He thinks hes a master manipulator and hes a dangerous malignant narcissist. He smashed my car, put a gps on it, held me hostage in our room, spit in my eyes.drove excedingly fast on curvy roads, drugged me, and on and on….. Stay away from this creepy predator and run away faster than youve ever run. I cannot stress enough how dangerous he is. I feel very lucky to be alive. Earl Fields Stover

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