Dusti Renee Wadsworth — Monthomery, Texas

Meet Dusti Renee Wadsworth, or Dusti Renee as listed on some social medial sites. She’s a liar by nature and will do and say anything to get what she wants without any regards to whom she hurts in the process. She enjoys sleeping with married men and ruined a marriage of 20 years. She carried on an affair with my friends husband who is 20 years older than her for 2 1/2 years. She also had a boyfriend at the time but that didn’t stop this homewrecker from getting some side action from my friends husband. Her boyfriend even took her to Europe on vacation but she still needed her fix and met my friends husband a few days before the trip and then again when she returned home. While in Europe, the two kept in contact by email. She would message my friends husband and tell him she was having a horrible time and wanted to come home to him. She even gave my friends husband access to her life 360 GPS app so he could locate her. When she left her phone in a taxi, she still managed to find a way to contact my friends husband. Her and her boyfriend then traveled to Florida but she still needed her side action before the trip. While in Florida she lost her driver license and contacted my friends husband so he could help her fly home without one. She would lie to her boyfriend where she was at and accompany my friends husband on business trips out of town for several days at a time. While on these business trips, she was so desperate she would commute several hours from the hotel they were staying at to work and then after work, drive several hours back to the hotel. The most outlandish part is all three in this messed up sex triangle all work together. Her and my friends husband would meet to have sex at hotels and even at her house, where she lives with her parents. Her morals are so low she didn’t mind parading her much older man in front of her parents even though they knew she had a boyfriend. She enjoys sending nude videos and pictures of herself and of her playing with her sex toys or posing in lingerie to my friends husband. She’s out of control and should seek help. When my friend confronted her, she tried to play the victim. She proceeded to send my friend texts and pictures that she had saved of the two together. A few days later, she contacts my friend to see if her and her husband were still together. When my friend said yes, this homewrecker proceeded to berate my friend on the phone telling her even more intimate details about their sexual encounters and how my friend was stupid because she hadn’t left her cheating husband. My friend finally had to block her number for her to stop contacting her. This compulsive liar and cheater had set up burner phone numbers, a photo vault on her phone to hide pictures and fake social media profiles to hide her transgressions. She needs to be ousted so she doesn’t interfere with another woman’s man. The only innocent person is this cheaters boyfriend who probably doesn’t know how she really is.

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