Dr. Nina Bartell PhD; Advanced Psychological Innovations- Madison, WI

Dr. Nina Bartell of Advanced Psychological Innovations was paid $7,000. to perform a court ordered custody evaluation in my case. She was ordered to determine if either parent was interfering with the child’s relationship with the other parent, and if either parent had any mental health issue(s) that would interfere with their ability to effectively parent.

During my history with my daughter’s father, he has committed a pattern of such acts as:

Grabbing my fist and beating himself in the face until spattering blood, then calling 911 to falsely accuse me of beating him, resulting in my arrest- then his own arrest when he told the truth after I was bailed out of jail.

Stalking me, harassing me, and threatening to murder me for three years, including violating a restraining the very day after it was issued, stating, “go ahead and call the cops. I’ll just get his gun.”

Coaching my daughter, with the help of his wife, to put her dolls together and tell the authorities, “This is how mommy shows me the ‘feel good.’” This resulted in me being falsely accused and investigated for sexual child abuse. The investigation results were that the claims were unfounded.

Bringing a photo of a slap mark he inflicted on my crying child to court in blatant attempt to, once again, frame me for the abuse that he committed. He had threatened me with this very photo several months earlier. He demanded I sign over tax dependency of our daughter to him. When I refused, he then informed that he had this photo, and that he would use it to turn me in to the authorities if I did not sign the tax forms (extortion). I did not sign them, I filed a police report, and, lo and behold, the photo surfaced in court with him trying to pass it off as being inflicted by me. The Guardian Ad Litem had to point out that the photo was time-stamped ten hours after I dropped my child off.
He has used the current placement order to tell me, my daughter, and others that he and his wife had to “take away the child” because “the mother” simply did not want to be a mother and that I never took care of her. This is false.

Once the current order was placed in 2009, nearly every visitation with my daughter contained her accusing me of not loving her, that her stepmom was more her mother than I was. My child’s father would say these things over the phone to me as well- with my daughter in the room with him. Despite this, I would cook with her, play games with her, teach her how to bake, take her to movies, restaurants, and festival. I would read to her, draw with her, and my child was always being held and hugged by me.

I shared this information with both the Guardian Ad Litem and Dr. Nina Bartell, our evaluator. Important to note is that the Guardian Ad Litem has tried to convince me that this is a mere innocent indicator of my daughter’s age. The evidence clearly illustrates that this began immediately following the filing of the current order- when my daughter was four years old, has continued to where she is now 13 years old, and will likely continue until she is 18 years old. Any reasonable person simply cannot attribute these things routinely taking place over the entirety of a childhood to mere age.

The father and stepmother would drop my daughter off to me for visitation with comments to my child like, “Let us know if you are not safe,” “Tell us if you have any problems.” When I got her a cell phone a few years ago, he texted her every single time she was with me, even if only for a one-hour meal after a volleyball game, “Are you okay? Let me know if you’re having any problems.” There was no behavior that warranted these comments to my daughter. None. Yet they affected her deeply, making her anxious around me and fearful that, while I had never done anything to harm her whatsoever, that at any moment, I might.

In recent years the father has purchased WWE tickets for my daughter scheduled during my very brief visitation time, telling our daughter that it was up to me to decide if she could go. When I said no explaining that we only have four days a month together, she cried angrily that I “have to have her.” Only one hour into my weekend with her, she, her father, and stepmother all then blamed me for the resulting tension between us the remainder of my visitation. Any attempt to explain why this was inappropriate was used to illustrate that it was I who was doing wrong, and that I was just being spiteful to them, that I was only speaking negatively about them to be vindictive. Any reasonable person can clearly see through this.

My child’s father and stepmother approached me at my daughter’s school orientation during my visitation, asking me, in front of my daughter, if I would forfeit my visitation time. They mentioned some things they would be doing “without her.” I told them no and that this approach was highly inappropriate. Her father yelled, “I’m not dealing with this!” before stomping away. I walked away from her stepmother with my child whining at me that it was not fair I have to have her, and that now she’s going to miss the fun. I walked into the gymnasium where I saw her father, identical to his presence during the three years of stalking me, staring me down across the room. Glaring. I was so uncomfortable and upset, I left with my daughter.

The remainder of the evening and into the next day, my daughter repeatedly berated me, whined, cried, yelled, and was out of control. She demanded to see the court order screaming, “You don’t have a right to have me!” I did everything I could to de-escalate. I took her to a friend’s house. I took her out to eat. I asked if she wanted to see a movie. The following day she continued demands to see the court order and to leave my house. As she began throwing things, and becoming increasingly out of control, I became fearful and called the police to file a report. This incident has been used to blame me, once again, for the provoked tension that occurred between my daughter and me. The police reports indicate that her father’s only care in this situation was to use it as a way in to get access to my mental health records.

The first time my daughter hit me, when she was eight years old, she told me that it was because her daddy cried to her that he only stalked her mommy because mommy broke up the family and he just loved his little girl so much. I told this to my attorney at the time, and she made it very clear that she would be informing the Guardian Ad Litem of this. I also told the GAL myself. Dr. Nina Bartell is also aware. The disturbing nature of this is clear.

The second time my daughter tried throwing real punches at me, she was twelve, and I called the police. I was afraid, not just physically, but legally as well- especially given the long history of using government institutions to gain power and control over me (and false allegations). My daughter, as well as her father and stepmother, blamed me for my daughter’s behavior towards me, stating that “this is what she (me) makes people do to her.” The police reports for that incident, again, indicate the father’s only care upon arriving to pick up my daughter being verbally expressed to the police as wanting my mental health records. It was calculated.

Certainly, there are many more instances, but to avoid redundancy I will leave them out of this writing.
I have received Dr. Nina Bartell’s report. She remarkably ignored my child’s father’s and stepmother’s long, long history of relentlessly pursuing any avenue of harm against me. This includes their continued hand in creating conflict between my daughter and me. Any reasonable person can clearly see the damage that the father’s behavior would not only cause to our child, but to my relationship with my daughter, and to me personally. This is clear to anyone. How Dr. Bartell glossed over this is a mystery. Further, Nina Bartell attributes my daughter’s behavior towards me as caused by something I must have done since I was abused by my own mother. This is not only evidenced as inaccurate with hundreds of photos I showed her, but a stigma and a thinking fallacy. Frankly, it was unscrupulous. Nina Bartell seems to want the court to believe that since I was abused as a child, surely, I cannot possibly be a good mother.

Ironically, the father was abused as well, and it is he who has continued the cycle of abuse, not me.

I told the guardian ad litem during our meeting in 2015 that the father is still stalking me, and he is using my daughter to do it. I then also made this clear to Dr. Nina Bartell. There was enough evidence in text messages to demonstrate this. This is standard parental alienation. The father himself has proudly announced numerous times in the courtroom and to anyone who will listen, “The child tells us everything the mother is doing.” He is proud of this, and he uses it as a means of bonding with our child.
This is a man who physically followed me and took three years of my life away from me, now bragging that he has our daughter doing his dirty work. I cannot stress enough how damaging this behavior is to my daughter and to our relationship. Regardless what anyone says the courts “think about the words ‘parental alienation,’” the judge specifically ordered Nina Bartell to report if either parent was interfering the other’s parent’s relationship with the child. Nina Bartell wrote that she “found no evidence” of this at all.

The night before I met Dr. Bartell with my daughter, she was texting spy reports back to her stepmom. This is not unusual behavior. Based on the extensive and traumatic history here, anyone in my position would be concerned, and I was. I was upset and worried about this continued behavior, as I have been for many, many years now, and I communicated this to Dr. Bartell. Nina Bartell disregarded this, simplifying the one-minute interaction she observed with my daughter and I as “tensions running high.” She then took what my daughter allegedly said as “evidence” of my parenting, describing me as negative and unpredictable. This identically parallels the authorities investigating me because my daughter said that I was showing her “the feel good.” My child has been coached, and this is clear to anyone.

The relevant history here was gathered, but knowingly dismissed. That damage would follow was a certainty.
I now need to address Nina Bartell’s “interpretation” of the testing “results.” These will be direct quotations from her report, with the Name omitted.

“The father is characterized as someone who strives to be positive…he has a tendency to put a relatively high value on self-control despite his occasional impulsiveness and poorly considered acts.”

“With respect to relationships, Russell appears uneven in awareness of the ways in which he upsets or provokes others. However, he also appears reasonably willing to consider the wishes of others and to accommodate their interests.”

“While it does appear that Russell finds it somewhat difficult to forgive and forget acts that he has perceived is against him, this result was measured as about average for custody litigants.”

“He may prefer comments favoring himself, but is not likely to engage in efforts to alienate a child either from himself or from others.”

The only thing I can say about what Dr. Nina Bartell wrote here (I left a lot out for brevity), allegedly from “test results,” is that it is the antithesis of the truth. That is not merely my “perspective.” Her reporting directly conflicts with the 15 years of documented reality. When you juxtapose the 3D, verifiable (and never-ending) events with what she wrote, they are two different planets entirely. This is a flagrant fraud. Keep in mind as you continue reading, the quotes I shared about the father are the worst of what she wrote about him.

Now, here are some of the quotes written about me:

“She attributed the problems associated with their family circumstances almost exclusively to the father.”

“She mentioned that she should have primary physical placement, in part because she feels more ready to be further engaged in parenting and helping her daughter navigate her teen years..”

“She approached the testing in a very guarded manner.”
“…likely experiences a moderate to severe level of emotional instability. This may be notably exemplified by her moodiness.”

“Her limited tolerance for frustration and fears of rejection are likely the central features of her mood shifts and occasional, but intense episodes of anger.”

“She has developed chronic suspicions and has come to believe that few if any people understand or appreciate her.”

“She has developed strong resentments and many of her relationships could be characterized by misunderstandings and enstrangement. It would be difficult for her to communicate her feelings of warmth and love while not also demanding attention and approval. “

“….paranoid elements….”

“It likely takes a great deal of concentrated work on her part to combat the effects of her depressive mindset and anxious wariness of others.”

“It is probable that she experiences repetitive difficulties in being able to forgive and forget what she believes others have done to her.”

“Of additional concern, is her psychological vulnerabilities likely have and continues to affect her parent-to-child bonding.”

I’ll stop right there.

First: I do not have any Cluster B diagnosis. I have a sister with Borderline, and I am very, very familiar with it and how it presents. I have dealt, for years, with how to have a healthy relationship with her to no avail. I do not fear rejection or abandonment. I do not have any identity disturbance. I do not suspect anyone of being “out to get me.”

I have been a doormat most of my life. I developed some confidence in my adult life and began slowly establishing boundaries. In regard to being suspicious- I have been overly trusting my entire life. I have been exploited repeatedly. Assaulted, trafficked, stalked, harassed. I have had Agoraphobia for nearly a decade- much thanks to three years of stalking by the father. I just feel safer at home. But, when my daughter is with me, we have activities and fun. Concerts, movies, dinners, outings.
I am consistently loving and affectionate, and there is only evidence supporting this, and no evidence disputing it. My own daughter calls me “clingy.” Maybe not the most positive word, but she and her friends have always referred to me as the “really sweet mom.” What Nina Bartell wrote is not only false, but it is literally outright provably false.

I don’t even know how to address this deceit in a way that does justice for the profundity of the corruption that occurred here. It is disgraceful.

My own therapist read it and said, “She let him off the hook.” Um, yeaaaaah… she sure did- and it was no oversight. Everyone else who has read it has been at a loss for words. It might be easy for people like Dr. Nina Bartell to just refer to claims like mine as, “another upset parent that it didn’t go their way.” Well, you can have an upset parent who is ALSO the victim of fraud.

Reading Nina Bartell’s report, one would never know what has truly transpired. Even more unfortunate, this report has been given to my child’s therapist as the only piece of background on my child’s experiences.

While Nina Bartell most likely had her own reasons for neglecting the relevant and mandated information- for example, a personal belief to maintain the status quo. Even if she possibly felt that she was using sound judgement in doing so- the problem here is that Nina Bartell is a psychologist, not a judge. In, what seems to be, an attempt to offer the guardian ad litem, Sandra Cardo Gorsuch, the legal backup to make the recommendation she has had wanted to make all along, Nina Bartell took on an authority that did not belong to her, essentially misusing the authority that does. In this, she has committed an act of fraud.

Regardless of her intentions (and I gave her the best-case scenario in this writing, to be fair), what she did was unprofessional, it was unethical, it was illegal, and it was criminal recklessness- if not distinctly willful.

Additionally, my own therapist has met my child, recognized the level to which she has been alienated, and has worked with me to resolve the issues which, quite specifically, relate to being “an alienated parent.” Unfortunately, since my therapist has not met my child’s other parent or step-parent, ethics disallow him from sharing this professional opinion in court.

Dr Nina Bartell granting the guardian litem “permission” to overlook the psychological profile of an individual who stalks, harasses, frames, triangulates, gaslights, projects, alienates, extorts, threatens, disregards boundaries at any and all cost, and pathologically manipulates and lies, Nina Bartell has committed gross misconduct. Despite her opinion regarding either parent’s living stability, her professional ethics (and the court order she was supposed to be following) demanded her to make known the dangerous character of the other parent. She was further obligated to have the ethics and proper judgement to allow my child to receive the appropriate treatment she has a right to; treatment based upon/addressing the factual, documented, three-dimensional events that have occurred in her life and environment.

Nina Bartell preparing her report in the manner that she did entirely denied my child of this imperative opportunity.
Not surprisingly, the father and stepmother gloated over this report and shared it with my child, “SEE!! WE TOLD YOU IT’S ALL YOUR MOM! WE TOLD YOU SHE’S CRAZZZYYYY!” This resulted in more difficulties between my child and me. The father and stepmother are at war with me inside of their own heads. They will not disengage, no matter what. They want war until death. I broke up with him 13 years ago, and he still won’t let it go.

I said to Nina Bartell, “He treats parenting like it’s a….”
She finished my sentence, “A competition.” I looked at her with relief. She knew.

I had cried to my therapist, why won’t they stop, why won’t they leave me alone, I’ve done NOTHING to them (them being the father and stepmother). He said, “You need to accept that they will never stop. My guess is you narcissistically injured them at some point.” Those were his exact words and I believe he would testify to that. The only injury I have ever committed against “them” was breaking up with the father before being stalked and harassed for three years. When he finally started dating the babysitter, I was relieved. Then the babysitter became his wife and co-conspirator. Nina Bartell then wrote of this implying that I was jealous of their relationship. There is only a plethora of evidence to the contrary.

Let’s be clear with this: None of this is a he-said/she-said. What I have described here is documented, over a period of 15 consecutive years with police reports, convictions, text messages, voice recordings, emails, court documents, and numerous long-term witnesses. I compiled all this information into a binder, and I had it meticulously organized with tabs separating text-messages and other information. I uploaded the last three years of text messages into a software, and then had them printed out like documents. I placed tabs with titles on each of the most relevant text messages, but the entire three years was in this binder. I included police reports and anything else relevant to this case. I presented this as simply, factually, and easily as anyone could have. According to her report, she read the binder. She also administered the MMPI and Millon.

As if this couldn’t get any worse, Nina Bartell went as far as to write that the father would quite like to get along and have better co-parenting with me. She suggested we go to some classes together. Just a few should do it. I am not alone in pointing out the likelihood that Dr. Nina Bartell is very aware that, when it comes down to it, she can just say, “Hey, it’s my professional OPINION.” Ah, yes. Dr. Bartell knew exactly what she was doing.

Anyone without a degree can see what was done here. The question is: WHY? She has a well-known reputation as “very competent.” I do not disagree with this. I do not believe that Dr. Nina Bartell is incompetent, I believe that she is unethical.

Search Warrants were served for the test results, and I have reason to believe that they are being independently evaluated. It will be fascinating to find out how an outside evaluator’s report of those results compares with Dr. Nina Bartell’s report of the same results.

If you are ordered to pay this woman thousands of dollars for an “evaluation,” I strongly urge you to present this writing to your lawyer and fight it. If you have already had an evaluation by Nina Bartell, and you feel that any reasonable person would consider her report fraudulent, then report it to the FBI.

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