Dierra Abeler — Minneapolis, Minnesota

I have been married for ten years and with my husband for 13… he’s been with me through amazing accomplishments and milestones, and through tremendous pain and loss, and we are best friends. I can honestly say, through the ups and downs we have both been very in love and happy! He was going through a particularly vulnerable time, and we were both VERY stressed out when the betrayal happened but we are working it out… he was a bartender at a very busy casual upscale restaurant and she was hired as a host and barback. Hubby and I have never been the jealous types, so he would walk her home from work… the way I met her she was on my front steps with him. I stepped outside to say hello, and she acted overly friendly and nervous… and upon leaving text my husband and made off comment…”you too are cute, I’m jealous…let her know I would NEVER come between you two”…it rubbed me the wrong way.

Why would she even be thinking of that if you just want to be friends with him? Eventually he started doing uncharacteristic things like not answering his phone, disappearing over night… whenever I want looking for him after work and he was having his post shift beer, bam, there she was… I didnt like it because I had a strong intuition that something was going on. In the end the worst part was being treated like I was a crazy, possessive bitch when I just deserved to hear some truth, and to be shown some goddamn respect! He changed her number in his phone to some guys number. I was pretty decent towards her despite how many times I asked her if my husband was with her and she would either day no OR ignore me… 4am no answer from him, afraid he had been killed or that he was with her… both maddening. One of my friends left her a message in poor taste, but she deserved it. It said that if she didn’t stop whatever she was doing that she would get her was kicked. This selfish, Home Wrecker lied… telling mutual friends that I was threatening her and she was afraid to walk home from work and that she and my husband are just friends… IT FELT AWFUL… I MEAN WHO FKING CARED ABOUT HOW I FELT… I WAS THE ONLY ONE DOING NOTHING WRONG! I could go on and on… so many things, but in a nutshell Dierra is a child, shes 22 yrs old, shes a very cute girl but thats about it.She claims to be a lesbian but obviously that’s not the case. I think she wants attention from men and women. She saw what Ryan and I had and wanted it for herself! She even implied that when we first met. She’s cold hearted, manipulative, deceitful, dishonest, and has NO IDEA who she really is. People are suckers… they see an attractive person that’s friendly and they think, “she’s a great person, she would NEVER..”. Well, shes NOT.” She called me a crazy stalker implying that I was somehow obsessed with her for keeping tabs on her. She’s a child, shes a tourist; if you have a great relationship don’t let her fool you into thinking she’s a friend of both of you! She’s NOT a woman’s woman… she’s a backstabbing tramp who tries to play the innocent! In the end she came out with no friends or lovers gained and a total loss of respect. Thankfully my husband and I love eachother and sought help to work through some things and it’s gotten much better. I have to cope with the residual anger, sadness of the infidelity… we will be okay! In closing, what she did was selfish, evil, and I hope she feels as stupid and sleazy as she looks.

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