Diego Masmarques – Woburn, Massachusetts

Diego Masmarques may be bipolar and dangerous and should not be approached. He has consistently been slandering and defaming Greenspan and his family webwide. Much of his lies are actually what Masmarques does himself, which he wrongly projects onto Greenspan as displacement. This criminal has violated the terms of the restraining order served to him on October 9, 2018. Also, he’s possibly gay with his constant postings of Greenspan in gay pornographic content. Perhaps he fantasizes doing Greenspan with BDSM in the bedroom while jerking off to his pictures. LOL
This is the case that Greenspan had shared on his site regarding this matter: https://www.plainsite.org/dockets/3a4l9qm45/superior-court-of-california-county-of-santa-clara/greenspan-v-masmarques/
Don’t believe whatever bullshit this insane, bipolar, psychopathic crackhead spews out.


  1. Judy Keene Grenspan

    Christine Richard @richardorionllc Orion Research LLC,
    @rini_webber Renne Hom and Aaron Greenspan @aarongreenspan. We are asking you to stop these posts. We’re are fully aware you are behind it.
    shame shame shame. Yes we are gay. You are bullies with your extortion sites Aaron Greenspan they should have locked you up in the mental ward the day you can’t out and said you invented Facebook. You are crazy and mentally deranged, especially with your manifestions about Think Computer Foundation being a 501c charity to educate children. You are a fraud.

  2. Jay Wiser

    Nauseating homophobic comments are made by Christine Richard/Orion Research LLC, Aaron Greenspan and Renne Hom in retaliation to the Aaron Greenspan picture postings.
    Yes we are gay gay .

    These postings are hurting Christine Richard Herbalife money shakedown.

    We “THE PEOPLES RIGHT” TO HAVE PERSONAL PRIVATE data to be removed. Thousands have complained and they continue to persecute innocent Diego.

    Aaron Greenspan and Christine Richard are extortionists. Christine tries to extort money from Herbalife and Aaron Greenspan extort’s money from the names in the pacer court dockets. No difference between the 2 low life rats.

    Christine Richard/Orion Research LLC

    Free.law caused this big pain in the a$$ problem. They gave free court pacer files to Crazy Aaron greenspan so he could make money from banner ads.

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