Diego Masmarques, Cyberstalker and Harasser of Aaron Greenspan

This criminally insane madman is still consistently harassing Greenspan and his family. This is a violation of the restraining order’s terms and conditions, which is evident to indict him for this felony. Diego is a sick-minded psycho who posts gay pornographic content with Greenspan as his muse. (Sure you don’t have the hots for him, Masmarques?) Don’t believe whatever nonsense this perverted creep cooks up about Greenspan and his folks.


  1. Tabatha L

    Aaron Greenspan is an insane Sociopath who has for some crazy reason has been suffering from some sort of Sociopathic OCD where Aaron Greenspan continuously harasses, stalks, shames, defames and and enjoys using his computer skills to cyber bully Diego MasMarques and many other people we might add all across the USA.

    Law Enforcement should prohibit insane people like Aaron Greenspan who use their computer skills to commit all kinds of crimes and evil deeds against hard working men and women all across the USA, while Aaron Greenspan does not like to work for a living and makes his money off gaining access to the public’s personal and private information for his easy money making ventures. Aaron Greenspan does not care about anyone but himself, as he continuously ruins people’s careers and reputations, as he enjoys doing bad things to good people.

    Aaron Greenspan is a Social Pariah who is mentally unstable, suffers from some sort of Psychotic erratic behaviors and is a complete Sociopath.

    Law Enforcement needs to prohibit Aaron Greenspan from even touching a computer, or smart device and never allow Aaron Greenspan to do anything on the Internet. This individual is a complete insane criminal.

  2. Judy Keene Greenspan

    Nauseating homophobic comments are made by Christine Richard/Orion Research LLC, Aaron Greenspan and Renne Hom in retaliation to the Aaron Greenspan picture postings.

    These postings are hurting Christine Richard Herbalife shakedown for money.
    We “THE PEOPLES RIGHT” TO HAVE PERSONAL PRIVATE data to be removed. Thousands of people have complained and they continue to persecute innocent Diego.

    Aaron Greenspan and Christine Richard are extortionists. Christine tries to extort money from Herbalife and Aaron Greenspan extort’s money from the names in the pacer court dockets. No difference between the 2 low life rats.

    Christine Richard/Orion Research LLC

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