Denyell Vasquez

Denyell Vasquez is a whore who is a liar, cheater and adulterer, she got with my husband Johnny when she knew he was married and had a son and didn’t care about either of us. Because of her my son and his father no longer have a relationship, all she cared about was herself. She gets close to guys by pretending she is into fitness when all she is doing is acting like a cheap slut. She ended up with my husband and now all he does is cheat on her and has since the day they got together. She deserves it and more, he has said many times to everyone he knows that he is just waiting for their kids to be old enough and then he is leaving her. Every time he cheats on her she deserves is and I know if stresses her out but she did it to me and didn’t care nor did she care about our son and ruining their relationship because she is a jealous and insecure ugly nasty whore. YOUR GETTING WHAT YOU DESERVE.

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