Debbie Peixoto — Union, New Jersey

This girl is the worst kind of cheater. She not only cheats on the person she is with and hurts them, but she is a homewrecker also. This girl does not care if you have a family, children, or are pregnant. If she decides that your man is desirable, she will have him. She uses her kind, sweet face to charm her way into your life and make you believe that she is your friend. She will literally be sleeping with your significant other behind your back one second, and be at your house asking for friendly advice the next. I guess she really does follow the rule of “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”. I stood by while she destroyed my friend’s life.Why, you ask? BECAUSE NOBODY HAD ANY CLUE HOW EVIL, MANIPULATIVE, AND WHORISH SHE WAS. She literally had everyone fooled. She is truly a wolf in sheep clothing. The worst kind of betrayal happenS from the people that you invite into your life with open arms. She makes everyone pity her “story” about her life. What nobody knows when they are talking to her, however, is that her story is just that. She wants you to have no clue what is going on behind your backs. This girl has no morals and does not care who she hurts. only cares about herself. Either way, it is time that innocent people out there are warned of this poisonous, evil backstabbing bitch. She continues to do these awful things to people – and I have absolutely had it with hearing more people’s horror stories about her!!!!! She needs to be exposed for the lying, cheating slutty bitch that she is.. Be aware of this girl.

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