David Fitzgerald On Tinder

Met David Fitzgerald on Tinder (go figure) and we dated for a few months. He was a cook at several different fancy schmancy restaurants and used that to get girls interested. He could take them to these hip, cool restaurants and act like he knew everyone. He appears to be a fun, cool guy. BUT, he uses and is STILL using pics on his Tinder profile that he “THINKS” made him vaguely resemble Ryan Gosling, when in real life he looks NOOOOTHING like that and the pics are from like 9 YEARS AGO, one in particular (attached here in blue shirt) he uses as his profile pic for EVERYTHING even though it is a super OLD pic and he looks nothing like that in person!! He thinks girls will think he looks like Ryan Gosling and meet up with him, which they DO and I DID!! We dated a few months and I thought things were going really, really great and then one day I learned how to find him on Tinder and I saw the truth that not only was he still active on there every DAY, but it was like every HOUR!!!

And he partied every night getting off work at 1:00am/2:00am, then sleeping all day which I guess is common in the restaurant industry, but it was just BYE BYE for me, and when I confronted him and told him I knew he was on Tinder all day long, he said “Ohhh that! Haha, that’s just for “fun”, I am not looking for anyone else, it’s just for “amusement” with my work friends.” Yeeeeeahhhh RIGHT!!! He’ll give you a sad story about how he has a difficult time dating because of the weird hours of his awesome fancy restaurant job, and girls just think “Wow, he’s a Top Chef, that is cool and sexy, I don’t care about the hours!” so they date him anyway, but that is NOT why he’s hard to date, it’s because he has NO INTEREST in settling down (he’s like 39 for godsakes) or being faithful to one girl. He is constantly on the prowl for more girls on dating sites. DO NOT DATE THIS GUY!!!! Unless you like guys that lie and pretend to be someone they are NOT!!!
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