Darren Ambler- S*x & Drug Addict- STD’s- Prostitute- Liar-Abusive-Sociopath-P*********y- Cherry Hill- New Jersey:

Darren Ambler …aka..Darren Scott Ambler is a very familiar name on the Internet from what I can see his name has been circulating around the Internet for over three (3) years. Mr. Darren Ambler is obviously an “Immoral”- “Sick” and Abusive S*x Predator and Drug Addict claims in which the idiot does not even deny as if he is proud of being an over-sexed scum bag. Darren Ambler lives at 12 Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Darren is a Pharmacist in New Jersey. Last employment was Medco-Express Scripts:
Several former s*x partners including myself all agree Darren Ambler is a “Failure” in the bedroom. A Total “Busted Balloon” Horrible. Plus that face is so Homely it makes the whole sexual experience even worse. It may not be all Darren Ambler’s fault- Darren has an micro sized male organ almost invisible to the “naked eye”! The poor dear has “Nothing” going for him and he never will. He isn’t even a good “Prostitute”!Needs additional training/ maybe if Darren watches more of P**n-Hub.com he will improve his lousy techniques. P**n-Hub was one of Darren Ambler’s favorite P***o web-sites. I know he was jealous of the men on P**n Hub because they had very nice male packages and of course Darren has “ZERO”! ——————————————————————–
Darren Ambler i am sure never thought in a Million years would be “Exposed” for his life of Prostitution- Immorality- Secret Sexual Trysts and plain Vulgar life-style. That is exactly what happened- Mr. Ambler was “Exposed” for what he is and his unacceptable sexual behaviors. Darren Ambler is a prime example of what is wrong with today’s society. Darren Ambler is a definite contributor to the moral decline of society and the dangerous diseases one can catch from careless S*X. Many feel Darren Ambler is Evil- Demented and Corrupt. Obviously- this person has no Conscience or conception of right vs wrong. Even a S*x addict has some boundaries. It seems this scum bag is all about getting what he wants, no consequences for anything and of course he bashes anyone who exposes him or threatens to expose his indecent and vulgar behaviors.
Darren Ambler is insecure- has low self-esteem- no looks- a scrawny gross body with no muscle tone and we can not forget that Horrible Toxic “Breath”. Darren really hates women- he simply uses them for sexual pleasure and excitement. He feels comfortable around Prostitutes and lonely women because they place no demands on him and they accept him for the big ZERO that he is. Darren Ambler has no respect for women or himself- If he respected himself he would never have become a male Prostitute and Heavy Drug user. ‘Beggars can’t be Choosers’ my Grammy always said. Darren is a beggar and must take whatever he can get. The day that Darren acquires looks- a nice body – a personality then he can be particular about whom he screws. Until that day comes which is never he will continue to be the Homely- Geek with Toxic Fumes escaping from his pores.
The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) must be concerned about Darren Ambler’s toxic breath and flammable gases being released from his rotted out body are harming the Ozone layer. Every time Mr. Ambler exhales he is releasing those noxious- flammable gases up into the universe. Hot water and extra strength Clorox with a cup of Lye may cut down on some of the stench but it is only a temporary solution. Darren Ambler is obviously an unattractive “Geek” with no scruples- no Standards- no Personality or conception of moral standards. He lives in his own Fantasy land- a land where he is always right- there are no consequences for his actions-and he cares about no one but himself. Selfishness- fulfilling sick s*x desires – and grave sin are all things discussed in scripture as Grave and Serious Sins that will dam a person in H**l. A definite Sociopath and all around Creep are two additional words that accurately describe Darren Ambler.
Darren Ambler was probably always obsessed with S*X . However- he really began to act on his s*x obsessions somewhere around 2015-2016. It seems Darren Ambler has no sense. It is very dangerous to have various s*x partners especially with all these sexual diseases that are still common including AIDS. This does not seem to phase Darren Ambler one bit. That shows how sick he really is.
Darren Ambler made the decision to engage in illicit short term s*x relationships with numerous lonely females and prostitutes. Darren Ambler went to great lengths to establish a lifestyle as mentioned here. Darren Ambler was in S*X heaven. After going from one s*x partner to another Darren Ambler met up with Megan Bentzley. Miss Bentzley is a troubled women with mental problems, sexual issues and she is a prostitute. Perfect match for Darren Ambler. Darren Ambler fell deeper into his sick addiction while with Miss Bentzley. Darren enjoyed group s*x- advanced oral s*x- bondage- cross dressing- spanking and hard core P*********y. Darren was obviously desperate for s*x and terribly lonely. No wonder his former wife left. Who could stand a homely geek with zero personality and toxic breath. No one.
Darren Ambler has never denied he is a male Prostitute. He never denied he has no Class- Morals- Conscience- Manners- Scruples etc. But Darren is still dangerous to females and society as a whole. Darren does deny s******g various females as one night stands or short term sexual based shack ups. We have a list of several of the females that Darren Ambler seduced into his slimy pornographic bed. Let him deny that all he wishes. The Police know all about Mr. Ambler and his S*x and Drug habits.
Once an immoral Scum bag – always an Immoral scum bag. People don’t change especially when you are a sociopath. Darren is not a nice person but a con man- liar with no morality and he is full of STD’s and rotten breath. He has a filthy mouth also. Not a good influence for children of any age. Darren Ambler does not deserve children. Children should not be raised by PIGS.
Darren is a bad- evil- selfish- corrupt human being. An unstable human being that should have been hospitalized and jailed years ago. Some feel his Internal organs are rotting away more each day. Maybe a punishment from G*D. The rotted internal organs only add to his evident ugliness or un-attractiveness that he has lived with for over 40 years. The stench from his breath and organs is also damaging the ozone layer. Stay away from this ugly diseased liar devil. He is no good and will shatter anyone’s life. Darren is a spoiled loser with brain damage from drug abuse. Everyone knows what he is. No one respects Darren Ambler at all. Darren Ambler would make a terrible lover- boyfriend- husband – friend – father. Darren is too selfish and mentally disturbed to function as a normal human being. Darren Ambler is the only one who thinks he is normal. Everyone else thinks he is a scum bag with very severe addiction issues/. BEWARE- Do no interact with this stinky evil liar. All he wants is S*X and P*********y. Darren would back stab anyone who stands in his way or threatens to expose his scum bag life style. He will soon pay for his bad behaviors.
Darren is also very immature. Always threatening to sue for slander. Ha ha Darren Ambler has no case for slander because all statements made about this s*x addicted liar are 100% TRUE and Darren knows it. He would be laughed out of a court room if he ever filed a slander case. Darren Ambler on the other hand has slandered many people openly (Proof exists)/ I think i would watch my filthy puss filled mouth if I were UGLY Darren Ambler. There is more in life than P*********y- Illicit S*X- Drug abuse- Slandering others and Lying about anything and everything. Darren Ambler is an immoral s*x addict- addicted to every drug they make- has a filthy mouth- he is ugly and evil and belongs in a trailer park with the rest for the trash. Darren Ambler is an idiot and has given at least 8 women (possibly more) STD Infection. These women are angry and want justice. Darren isn’t a Stub- he is a scum bag and Prostitute that appears to be proud of his sick and perverted lifestyle. He is in Denial about the STD issue also. Remember- Mr. Ambler is a recluse that lives in his own insane world of Fantasy- Explicit S*x and sheer denial.
Darren has slandered many like Megan Bentzley- Angie Parsons- Natalie Becerra and a host of other used and abused s*x partners. Darren Ambler is a clueless scum bag with STD’s. He has no clue what life is all about or what people are all about. Prostitution is illegal- s*x where money is exchanged is illegal in spite of how Darren Ambler may justify his illegal and sick behaviors. Darren is a failure in bed and has a tiny inadequate male organ which is laughable. His face is beyond description. That toxic breath is a real killer. The fumes can be explosive and cause illness even death. Potent psycho meds probably would not help Darren Ambler he is too far gone in the brain.


  1. Coffee-Queen

    Yes- I have seen multiple posts on many web-sites about Darren Ambler. I agree completely. Darren is a total liar who screwed God knows how many women. This psycho wants his cake and wants to eat it too. Can’t have it both ways. He seduced me- performed disgusting sex acts on me and YES- He was High on drugs 99% of the time. He wants to forget his long list of abused and discarded women that he had sex with. As if they never existed. He is a Playboy and definitely a Prostitute. He is no good and he needs to be exposed. He is an Immoral scum bucket that belongs in the Gutter. Another poster referred to Darren as Trailer Park Trash! I agree 100% he is worse than that: Truthfully- Darren may have screwed a long list of women but he is actually Horrible in bed. His body is a huge turn off and he does not have much below the belt. If I were Darren I would hide my gross body not exploit it to others and his hookers. Doesn’t the idiot realize he is made fun of by former partners after the fact. Darren is not and never will be a Stud or even reasonably good looking – Darren is without a doubt very homely and plain weird. Darren is absolutely a sex predator with bad taste and poor manners and virtually zilch class of any kind. YES- i guess his deep set unattractive eyes are somewhat bugged out.

  2. Emily

    Tell him to meet Mindy Murray of Cincinnati….they would make the perfect couple…both think alike and do these exact same things

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