(Darren Ambler/Mindy Murray): Cut & Paste Bandit Strikes Out Again/Jealous-Obsession/New Jersey:

Once again the Cut & Paste Bandit has struck again. Copying someone else’s article and changing and adding a few different words throughout the article. They need to get creative and write their articles. Copying someone else’s article can amount to Plagiarism and can infringe on copy right issues. Maybe that is the Bandit’s intention, who knows?

Whoever is repeatedly posting the Ambler/Murray article on this site obviously has a reason. I would guess it is an attempt to deceive the public and forum members that this Mindy is equally as bad and evil as Darren Ambler. However- no one really believes that is the case. Darren Ambler has a demented calculating mind and remorse- feelings- apologies never existed in Darren Ambler’s vocabulary or in his life.

Second opinion may be that whoever keeps posting this altered article simply can not let go from a former involvement with Mindy Murray. Again- given Miss Murray’s reputation- Character and whole being it is beyond me as to why anyone could be interested in such a person? Again- if your desperate you must settle for just about anything.

According to Internet reports- I believe Miss Murray is involved with a new partner. The partner is a female who seems to enjoy Miss Murray’s company and they are very compatible. Which is wonderful. Therefore- Darren Ambler can go jump in the nearest lake. I am sure some Jealousy is going on here also. You must accept reality. Miss Murray has moved on and is happy. It is no one’s business and they need to move forward and leave this girl alone.

The past is the past. Publicly humiliating Miss Murray on line and adding the name Darren Ambler next to her name in an article that was copied and pasted on here is childish- ineffective and it points to an immature – possibly scorned idiot that refuses to let go. A Compulsive Obsessive person who is used to calling the shots. Grow up. This is your chance. Act like a big boy for once. maybe if you do your “Ding Dong” will grow to normal size for once in 40+ years.

Darren Ambler deserves to be Publicly Humiliated for his past and present indiscretions. He is a Vulgar Sex Predator who has been terrorizing- abusing- seducing and degrading females for almost 5 years. The USA knows all about Mr. Darren Ambler. Best advice- Utilize your time – stop being jealous of a past lover and her new female mate. Face the fact you played a dangerous game- you got caught with your panties down numerous times- You were exposed and now the games are over. No one wants Darren Ambler for any reason. It also seems like an attempt is being made to harass and cause trouble in Miss Murray’s new relationship which will NEVER happen.

“Repent from your wrongful and offensive ways”- Pray that you overcome your fears- addictions and obsessions”

“Do not be jealous- angry or hostile toward others”- Especially when it involves someone dumping you and becoming involved with a new Love”

“Give a former Love your best and your blessing that their new relationship is a good one and that Happy times and Joyfulness are ahead for this wonderful couple”

Check into the nearest Clinic for a complete STD panel examination. Sometimes you can be a carrier and the general screen may turn up Negative/ Therefore- a more comprehensive test must be performed second time:

If STD is detected take all medication prescribed and follow doctors orders. You may consider a Clorox bath with 63% Lye added to cleanse away any left over sexual infected cells. repeat bath for three days.

Next- Check into a sex and drug addiction clinic/ Free yourself from this monkey on your back!

Next- Be prepared to serve Jail time for your terrible behavior and violation of laws. Think of how selfish you are- think about all those you abused- violated- took advantage of- all for 5 minutes of sexual pleasure. Think of anyone who tried to help you and how badly you treated them: How you slandered them- lied to them- tried to attack their credibility and their good name/:

“Praise the Lord”! Ask him to cleanse your filthy rotten dirty corrupt Soul.


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    Sounds like the creator of this post someone is a bit asshurt that we have more than one of those types and just want to single one person out. Fact is, no one is exempt from any of this.

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    Apparently, this poster someone has a super-sized axe to grind here over the internet when it comes to Darren. Anyone here in Cincinnati who has had past relationships with Mindy (mainly women) will tell you that she is every bit as bad, if not worse, then what Darren apparently is. This coming from someone who has seen both of their antics in person and knows both of their victims.

    Cincinnati has waited at least 4 years for someone to expose what a coward ass thief Mindy is. Her record of shoplifting and drug use speaks for itself.

    Whatever it takes to get the word out, so be it. Whoever created this might want to take your own advice and just grow up and move on yourself, because you might be one of Darren’s ex lovers still bitter over something given your more than likely a “cut and paste bandit” of your own.

    Both will get theirs soon. Just relax.

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    Miss America

    Emily has some valid points that I would agree with. It sounds as if Emily personally knew both Mindy and Darren. I am sure Mindy made many mistakes like most of us. But- I can tell you that I did know this Darren Ambler. I can say with 100% Certainty that Darren Ambler is absolute “bad news” and that is putting it mildly. He can be a Professional con artist and very convincing for a time. However- his stories after a while are contradictory and that is when it is very obvious he is a Liar and total con artist.

    Carrying on with more than one women at the same time sexually is SICK and it is only something that a piece of “white trash” would do. I can say with total certainty Darren Ambler is total “white trash”. He is the only person I ever met that shows absolutely ‘zero’ emotion- guilt- remorse or one bit of concern for another human being. People like that I stay away from completely. His selfishness is evident the first time you meet him. I am glad he was exposed to the world. I don’t know what he thinks- but people do read these web sites. They know he lies about 80% of the time.

    As a women- I dated guys that were not handsome. I can live with that. Of course Darren Ambler has lived with it for over 40 years. But what I will not accept is a dishonest- liar that cheats and that will have sex with just about anyone that comes down the pike. That is a total low life/ like gutter trash. I hope Mindy learns a lesson and I hope Darren Ambler’s behaviors and being exposed on line has affected his life in a negative fashion because that is what he deserves, Darren hurt a lot of people (because I am close to two of them)– his lack of remorse is mind boggling.

    Darren will always give you an argument every time he does something wrong- the argument is to convince whomever that Darren is right once again- I can not stand people like that. Especially when their wrong. Darren is not a nice guy in any way shape or form. I have read very hateful texts and other messages that Darren Ambler wrote himself and he can be very very cruel calculating and down right hateful. He would totally destroy anyone if he had to. Guess what – the next day Darren would not have a second thought about any of it. That tells me he has some real evil going on inside of him. That never goes away. that is inborn or maybe manufactured as a result of ones upbringing and experiences.

    I agree with anyone that says Darren is clueless because he absolutely is. It is like the world lives one way and then Darren is over in the corner living life by his made up rules and regulations and fantasies and it is just crazy. Totally disconnected from reality. Lastly- this is the real icing on the cake- I found out from an outsider that Darren Ambler (which i guess this was part of his double life games he played)- he was supposed to be a devoted and serious recovering drug addict and alcoholic. Which this was like shocking to me. Because- my dear friend that was conned by Darren the sex addict told me that he is a Big time needle user- speed freak- pill popper and he drinks booze too. See what i am saying. He obviously told some people he was a recovering addict and did not use dope or drink. But he was really lying because he does use drugs and he drinks booze . You can’t have it both ways. He is just a untrustworthy liar- white trash that nobody can stand. Darren was actually spotted a few years back in a club sitting there drinking beer after he swore he did not drink or use drugs. Just a compulsive dangerous liar. No wonder his poor wife took off. I am sure Darren drove the poor girl nuts.

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    Jen (Paralegal 2nd Tier):

    I know this is not a computer related web site for issues related to computers and social networking but I found some very interesting info on Darren Ambler.

    Not that I was shocked but Darren not only has issues with women that he has abused and used for a good time but it seems he is also a Cyber Bully. This guy has real serious problems besides just sexual dysfunction. It seems he is dysfunctional in every way. I located a web site which summarizes a Cyber stalking incident and I cut and pasted a few of the paragraphs for viewers to read here. My point is this guy is total trouble and just a hopeless insane individual. I wonder what other secrets or skeletons our Mr Ambler may have hidden away in his secret vault.

    I read an article last Sunday which said that sometimes people who were sexually abused as a child will abuse women and exploit them sexually when they grow up. Who knows maybe Darren was sexually abused growing up. This would explain his bazaar sexual behaviors now. Anyway if interested read on:

    ….(cut & pasted from legal web site) Cyber Stalking/Facebook:
    : “the proofs obtained through Facebook located in Menlo Park CA, clearly identify Darren Scott Ambler as the person who Cyber-Stalked, Harassed, and Invaded the Privacy of another forum member (name omitted due to privacy concerns):

    WHEREBY: Darren Scott Ambler repeatedly and deliberately Cyber-Stalked- Harassed and Invaded the Privacy of named party (**************omitted) on numerous occasions beginning on April 18, 2016 until August 1. 2016:

    FURTHERMORE: Facebook Legal and Attorney representing Harassed Party in this cause for action concluded that Darren Scott Ambler Intentionally Violated Facebook “RULES AND STANDARD OF CONDUCT” numerous times. These actions were of a DELIBERATE nature and show a RECKLESS DISREGARD for the Victim in this Cause for Action as well as other Facebook Forum Members.

    A). Proofs obtained clearly indicate that DARREN SCOTT AMBLER willfully Cyber Stalked and Harassed the other named party and these actions are in Direct VIOLATION OF STATUTE 2C:33-4-01/ A CRIMINAL CHARGE within the State of New Jersey:

    B). FURTHERMORE- DARREN SCOTT AMBLER willfully and Intentionally Harassed the other named party on numerous occasions which is in direct VIOLATION OF NJ STATUTE 2C:33-04/ A CRIMINAL CHARGE within the State of New Jersey:

    C). DARREN SCOTT AMBLER did Intentionally Invaded the Privacy of the other named party continually which is in direct VIOLATION OF NJ STATUTE 2C:43-03/ A CRIMINAL MISDEMEANOR:

    Conclusion/ Final Summary Statement: WHEREBY, DARREN SCOTT AMBLER a resident of the State of NEW JERSEY, will be RESTRICTED from the Facebook Forum as of 08-01-2016: Darren Scott Ambler’s Facebook Account with url / http://www.facebook.com//das38 will be CLOSED for an INDEFINITE PERIOD OF TIME: / The FACEBOOK ACCOUNT WILL NOT BE REINSTATED OR RE ESTABLISHED NOW OR ANY TIME IN THE FUTURE:


    ON This ________________day of September 2016..this matter is considered resolved and closed: No further action will be taken concerning this matter: ATTORNEY representing the Harassed party does have the authority to take further legal action if warranted: If further legal action is taken it can be done within the Jurisdiction of the Courts in the area in which the party taking action currently resides:

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