Once again the Cut & Paste Bandit has struck again. Copying someone else’s article and changing and adding a few different words throughout the article. They need to get creative and write their articles. Copying someone else’s article can amount to Plagiarism and can infringe on copy right issues. Maybe that is the Bandit’s intention, who knows? Whoever is repeatedly posting the Ambler/Murray article on this site obviously has a reason. I would guess it is an attempt to deceive the public and forum members that this Mindy is equally as bad and evil as Darren Ambler. However- no one really believes that is the case. Darren Ambler has a demented calculating mind and remorse- feelings- apologies never existed in Darren Ambler’s vocabulary or in his life. Second opinion may be that whoever keeps posting this altered article simply can not let go from a former involvement with Mindy Murray. Again- given Miss Murray’s reputation- Character and whole being it is beyond me as to why anyone could be interested in such a person? Again- if your desperate you must settle for just about anything. According to Internet reports- I believe Miss Murray is involved with a new partner. The partner is a female who seems to enjoy Miss Murray’s company and they are very compatible. Which is wonderful. Therefore- Darren Ambler can go jump in the nearest lake. I am sure some Jealousy is going on here also. You must accept reality. Miss Murray has moved on and is happy. It is no one’s business and they need to move forward and leave this girl alone. The past is the past. Publicly humiliating Miss Murray on line and adding the name Darren Ambler next to her name in an article that was copied and pasted on here is childish- ineffective and it points to an immature – possibly scorned idiot that refuses to let go. A Compulsive Obsessive person who is used to calling the shots. Grow up. This is your chance. Act like a big boy for once. maybe if you do your “Ding Dong” will grow to normal size for once in 40+ years. Darren Ambler deserves to be Publicly Humiliated for his past and present indiscretions. He is a Vulgar S*x Predator who has been terrorizing- abusing- seducing and degrading females for almost 5 years. The USA knows all about Mr. Darren Ambler. Best advice- Utilize your time – stop being jealous of a past lover and her new female mate. Face the fact you played a dangerous game- you got caught with your panties down numerous times- You were exposed and now the games are over. No one wants Darren Ambler for any reason. It also seems like an attempt is being made to harass and cause trouble in Miss Murray’s new relationship which will NEVER happen. “Repent from your wrongful and offensive ways”- Pray that you overcome your fears- addictions and obsessions” “Do not be jealous- angry or hostile toward others”- Especially when it involves someone dumping you and becoming involved with a new Love” “Give a former Love your best and your blessing that their new relationship is a good one and that Happy times and Joyfulness are ahead for this wonderful couple” Check into the nearest Clinic for a complete STD panel examination. Sometimes you can be a carrier and the general screen may turn up Negative/ Therefore- a more comprehensive test must be performed second time: If STD is detected take all medication prescribed and follow doctors orders. You may consider a Clorox bath with 63% Lye added to cleanse away any left over sexual infected cells. repeat bath for three days. Next- Check into a s*x and drug addiction clinic/ Free yourself from this monkey on your back! Next- Be prepared to serve Jail time for your terrible behavior and violation of laws. Think of how selfish you are- think about all those you abused- violated- took advantage of- all for 5 minutes of sexual pleasure. Think of anyone who tried to help you and how badly you treated them: How you slandered them- lied to them- tried to attack their credibility and their good name/: “Praise the Lord”! Ask him to cleanse your filthy rotten dirty corrupt Soul.


  1. Anon

    It’s nowhere near plagiarism. Not even a legal binding document. Not the first time someone has pulled this sort of thing. And anyone that knows either of these two knows they use the internet and social media to mask and smoke screen their real personality, putting out lies behind computerized and mobile devices. A personality that entails one of toxicity and narcissism. You cannot give one a pass while publicly shame another. No one is exempt.

    This coming from someone that knows both of them and reads this bs every day after finding out both of them have been on here left and right.

    And that theory on telling whomever should move on from Murray should also be advised from moving on from Ambler as well. Let karma do her thing when it comes to these two

    1. April_Flowers

      I agree with poster anon about the Plagiarism issue. There is no laws violated. People cut and paste and copy other articles all the time. I am with you on this issue. I normally would have no interest in web sites of this kind. However- I learned of this site from a friend and I am glad I checked it out.

      Poster Anon- You say you know Mindy Murray and Darren correct? You mentioned they both hide behind social media etc… You may not be aware of the fact that about 2-3 years ago Darren Ambler was removed from Facebook. It is not hearsay. There are at least two on line web sites that summarize the incident Darren was involved in, There are also legal docs displayed on one of the sites.

      I think Darren Ambler is very troubled. It does seem he more or less does whatever he pleases weather he offends someone or not or even breaks the law. Apparently- these documents state Darren Ambler deliberately cyber bullied another person and went after them with a a vengeance. Cyber bullying is a crime. basically Darren committed a crime and could have served jail time. But it appears the case was withdrawn. They clearly had strong evidence. I don’t care what Darren’s excuse is : he has no right to stalk and harass anyone on social media.

      This incident with the cyber bullying tells me Darren is very troubled- does not care about following rules and he has no regard for other people. I read on another site that Darren Ambler has no scruples or respect for others. This is more evidence of that. My Mother taught me by age 7 to respect another’s property- and to have a certain measure of respect for decent people. Darren Ambler obviously is lacking in basic principles. he seems to have poor manners- and does not relate well with most people and I do not mean sexually. I would like to ask Anon- if you do know Mr. Darren? does he ever feel badly about things he has done to other people that were wrong? apparently many articles written on line about him say he is a cold- uncaring and cruel human being? Is that true? if so why does he hate most people and why does he mistreat them?

      It seems to me that Darren is a tough guy while hiding behind social media accounts etc. However when he is confronted with facts and proof about his bad actions and mistreatment of others then he is no longer so tough, It seems when he knows he is backed into a corner he basically vanishes for time and refuses to comment or discuss specific issues that would incriminate him or make him look bad? Can you elaborate?

      lastly- since you know him- why do you think Darren has such issues with other people and why do you feel he has such difficulty with face to face social settings? Was he abused as a child? because abuse can make a person fearful and anti-social. Why does Darren have such problems following very basic rules and regulations? Please elaborate.

      Thank you.

  2. Lacey-Denise

    Anon’s reply I can say I do not really agree with it. I guess the burning ques? Why is someone continually re posting the above article and making it a point to add Miss Murray’s name? Who is that demented and childish? Common sense- which it has been proven hundreds of times by his actions is something that Darren Ambler obviously does not have. He is supposed to be a mature man in his 40’s—–when will he begin acting like a mature anything? Most rational and mentally competent persons would never find themselves being reported on a site such as this. Most sane- mentally balanced individuals act accordingly- they follow rules and regulations and they don’t exploit sex and people.

    It is sad that the people reported on these sites have screwed up their lives by choice. Just think- if you discipline yourself- do the right things- care about others and learn to be “unselfish” you would never in a million years end up on a site like this with all your personal business splashed all over the place for the world to read. I feel sorry for those listed on this site they obviously do not have a CLUE!

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