Darren Ambler….aka..”Busted balloon”- “Wee wee”- “Psycho Freak”- LIAR- S*X ADDICT_ PROSTITUTE- STD’s- JAIL TIME_ Cherry Hill NJ:

Darren Ambler …..who is a lowest form of Garbage that ever existed will finally be brought to JUSTICE. Darren Ambler is a PIG- Pathological LIAR- Abuser- Rapist- S****t- EVIL Slime that cons anyone who will listen to his filth and hi sonly iterest in LIFE is S*X- ORAL S*X- P*********y and meeting new Prostitutes and recruits for S*X and ABUSE. Darren has go on line Blasting Poor Megan Bentzley for months. Darren is an UGLY Coward that is using Megan’s current legal issues with someone else as means of Falsely accusing her of Slandering him. Darren was NEVER Slandered. The TRUTH was exposed about Darren and the PIG can not accept it. Darren Ambler DEFAMED his UGLY self. He must Grow up and accept the fact that he is a sick Drug and s*x addict and a Prostitute. He earned all of these names Megan had nothig ot do with it. Darren was a PIG and Druggie long before Megan Bentzley came into his sorted and sick life. Darren is a mental case- a major disappointment and is quite incompetent. Darren has screwed numerous females Prostitutes and non-prostitutes alike. He is an EVIL Deranged selfish reject with a face and body that would make anyone ill. He lives a double life and he Trashes anyone whom goes against him or reveals the TRUTH abiut him.
Darren Ambler is seriously ILL but no whe is gettig more evil- more threatening and Dangerous: He need to leave Megan alone- stop manipulating Megans situation to his benefit: REPEAT- Darren Ambler slandered HIMSELF. There have been Negative Truths posted about this Scum Creep going back to late 2015- early 2016. Proves Darren is a manipulative LIAR and PSYCHO. Seven females cam forward within the month of November. JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL. LET DARREN CONTINUE TO LIVE IN FANTASY LAND- IN DENIAL- LET HIM BLAME MEGAN FOR HIS TROUBLES. Darren is cruel and evil- spends most of his life FLYING HIGH on Dope and S*X. Lets face it I guess anyone who looks like him would have to get high to deaden the pain of his face and that wimpy 130 pound frame. GRoss and LAUGHABLE. No worries- Long time overdue- Darren Ambler will Face JUSTICE. Three charges will be brought against him. Let him deny it. He will deny it right to his Jail cell. YES_ Darren Ambler is a dog face and a liar and definite a serious mentally disturbed misfit. But He must serve Jail time for his wrongs. Darren has ruined lives with his Rape- Abuse- Forced Drugs and his dirty STD’s. Darren must pay for his crimes and bad bad behavior.
This Psycho can be found at 12 Westbury Rd Cherry Hill NJ . His Employer is Express Scripts- Medco- in Florence TWP NJ. The S*x predator is a Pharmacist by TRADE. Prostitution and Pimping is his second Job- Hobby. Stay away from this Infectious Creepy idiot . He is jealous of everyone and he is truely EVIL to the core/ Mean and nasty. He ruined HIMSELF willingly. He is incompetent. We kno whe has kids that will be taken from his custody when the Judge hears the charges and his behaviors. Darren is a Drug Pusher too. he can NEVER be trusted. He could be fondling his kids also. How does anyone know what he really does? He lies so much! Darren would surely LIE to JESUS CHRIST with no after thought. Darren is 41 years old- he is immature and acts like a 16 year old girl experiencing her period. He enjoys foreplay with men also. He likes P***o and Vulgar s*x videos where he is the star person. Darren does anything associated with dirty S*X. Darren degraded himself. I hate to mention but Darren has Toxic Fumes escaping from his breath and internal organs…………….GROSS- SICKENING!!!! The Fumes will make yoiu terribly ill and they also make one drowsy and disorientated. Sick crazy man.

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