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Daren Jesse Davis is a narcissistic sociopath. Met Daren on Match January 2018. Everything I have read under the other post is true. He is a really good liar. When you first meet him he will make you feel like a queen. Send songs that suggest you will have a life with him, the gifts and the trips. I just decided to google him and now his odd behavior now makes sense. He told me he was being scammed so I decided to google him and found this site.

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  1. About Daren Jesse Davis . So, of late I have been receiving emails from various women asking about Daren. So ladies if you have to ask about Daren after all you have read online you still have questions then I don’t know what to tell you. I go by CJ. Just in the event Daren sees this and wondering who is writing this.

    So what did Daren do to me? Well he had a lady in San Jose whose initials are JP, who I had never met call me. After I blocked the crazy woman she filed a restraining order against me. WTF? Then Daren filed a restraining order against me stating I was scamming him although he has never given me anything or done anything for me during the 3 years we dated. Well I didn’t care about the idiot in San Jose as I lived over 400 miles from her. She ended up getting dumped by Daren after he used her up also.

    As for his restraining order , well that went nowhere Daren tried to claim I was a scammer . Well ladies hold on to all messages from this one because he is all sort of special. After my attorney showed his attorney our text exchanges, Darren slithered back into the hole he crawled out of. I have the documentation for anyone who questions this. Or you can get it from the court in San Jose CA for the woman JP he sent after me and the Court in Spanish Fork Utah for the case Daren brought against me. Case #180100083 feel free to check, I am not a liar and have nothing to hide.

    Daren knew I had a combat injured son I cared for and when I our relationship started I made it clear that I had been through a lot and would not consider any relationship if he desired to see others. Between the two cases I paid $7,000.00 in attorney fees. An expense I did not need being the mom of a severely injured young adult.

    I had been working for the Department of Defense for over 17 years and he had the lady whose initials are JP contact my place of employment and caused me a great deal of problems. I used DoD letterhead to send a letter to a cheater website when Daren informed me he was being scammed. My job discovered this somehow and I lost my job. Daren is the only person I gave a copy of that letter to.

    So if you see this Daren, I pray for you every night. What you did to me was wrong, what you did to all those other women was wrong. You pulled me into something I made clear I did not want to be a part of from the beginning. By the way, so you all know, I spoke to Daren on the phone for 7 months before we met in person. I thought I knew him well enough. Since he did what he did to me I have not dated because I am too afraid to trust again….I am irrevocably broken from his cruelty.

    I wish no harm to Daren and I am just here telling my side the best I can. This man completely destroyed my life because he did not want everyone I told he was a liar and a cheat to believe me. I did contact his wife to let her know, I also apologised to her and asked her to forgive me. I would have never in a million years dated Daren if I knew he was not legally separated. He robbed me of my choice to choose.

    All the women I spoke to at the time received the same story he gave me which was, he is in the process of a divorce. Well, Daren I helped you out with that so you are welcome!

    So ladies, this man has been doing what he did to me for over a decade. I can tell you within just the past year 3 different women have reached out to me, all citing they were involved with Daren. He stops responding to messages promptly and disappear randomly…that’s the sign if you are wondering . He is on chesterland if you want to see what the other ladies said about him.

    This is just my personal nightmare with Daren Jesse Davis from Utah. He has 6 kids whose initials are KD girl, CD boy, PD boy, CD girl, BB married daughter. Just so you know you have the right guy.

    Good Luck with this one! [email protected]. I am willing to share documents to validate what is stated here as Daren will say it’s a lie.

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