Danel Edsall – Michigan

Danel Edsall my girlfriend Danell she has husband who she has been estranged from and is currently stating that she will be divorced b for 6 year but I am very suspiciou as she has told m as she has told me herself that s that she has slept with other people yet later deny those accusations as she was only trying to hurt me and have made mistakes by callin but my girlfriend forbids me to contac an part of my family my ex wife my son my daughte as she will tak as she will take that as me cheating on he which is never the cas I will be glad to take a lie detector test she hides her phon she has a Facebook accoun but fo forbids me from havin but forbids me from having one I have been hospitalized in se on multiple occasion by her estranged husban wh who claims to still b her husban although she claim she has nothing to do wit she has nothing to do with him during fights she has during fights she has gone out with other men but swears there has never been anything physical contact 100 percent that she allows me to have n she allows me to have no friends n and somehow I go along wit and somehow I go along with it I w but I feel that it’ I love he and she does good things for m but I think it’s only a cover but I think it’s only a cover up I’ I’m distraught confused everyda wondering what’s goin she only allows me to see for an hou every few day and it’s only for sexual reason I nee I need help and I don’t know what to d and I don’t know what to do about it if she is legitimate but she is far but she is far too many feel it too and sneak and has always but I have to know that at 50 years old she is 3 and I don’t want to live that is continually lying to she has admitted faul in sending sexually explicit pho. she use m innocent behavior to punish m in very without knowing thewithout knowing the truth I am at 88 8 81 n I am at 8 81 north sure men apar apartment a apartment my name is a my name is a Rody Dodd my phone number is 989 402 8932

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