Dahvie Vanity Still Sending Nudes To Minors While Engaged

Hey Nik, you probably have heard of this loser Dahvie Vanity. He is a pedophile, a rapist and woman beater. Found a screen shot of a mother posting about Dahvie sending nudes to her 14 year old daughter this past November. Recently Jessi Slaughter has also spoken out that he did infact have sex with her and was violent with her when she was only 10-11 years old. And that him and his fans had bullied her to say she lied about it. Right now him and his fiancee Fallon are shacked up in a house that belongs to her soon to be ex-husband claiming it’s their own in Pottsville, PA.
She unfortunately allows him to be around her young children which is not ok. While he’s trying to get nudes from minors he is pimping his fiancee out so he can stay out of prison. He got caught by the IRS for multiple things and has to pay them $500+ a month for 5 years to avoid prison time. He claims his net worth is over $3 million dollars which is funny cause now he’s claiming to have sold 3 million records. His band was never even popular and they have no fan base aside from a handful of 11 year old girls who admit he’s a sex offender but say “it’s ok cause he’s changed”. He has not changed and never will. Dahvie can’t even be honest about his hair. He wears wigs glued to his scalp for long periods of time. He has had staph on his head. He’s also balding. Spread the word that a balding pedophile clown is looking for pre-teen girls and needs to be stopped. #DahvieForPrison
His promo bird pic above looks nothing like him.- nik

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