Cynthia Maxwell — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

So this so called woman envied another woman for over 16 years portraying herself to be family. She acted like she just wanted to catch up with the woman’s husband and family, but all the while had a agenda to try and take the husband of the woman she envied since she was a 14 year old girl. She waited until she got close enough to the family to set her plan in motion to sleep with the woman’s husband. She would tell the woman all kinds of lies so she could continue to get close to the husband. She would act innocent but was the devil in disguise. Needless to say this woman paid to sleep with the woman’s husband and thought she would get him to leave his wife and children, but she was dropped when the wife found out the truth. She never once thought about the damage these actions would cause on the children. Maybe that’s why these types of women don’t and can’t get a husband or even keep a man of their own. Married couples in Philadelphia watch out for this one. She’s good at acting like she’s your friend, but all the while want your man! Never think that a married man will leave his wife and family for a woman whom is willing to sleep with him knowing he’s married.

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