Cynthia Ayala – San Antonio, Texas

This is Cynthia Ayala aka GG aka China aka Cindy aka Cyn Ortiz aka Cynthia Ramirez. Pick one and that’s who she is for the day. Changed her first and last name after husband # 2 walked out. Cynthia loves to pretent she is a Christian woman that does no wrong thank GOD we can be ANYTHING WE SO CHOOSE TO BE ON SOCIAL MEDIA. So far from who she really is . It’s embarrassing and patetic when you have your married boyfriend driving around me riding shotgun having lunch going to my house for dessert, and giving him neck while your at home waiting for your car we just F$#@ in and u watching his wife’s and his child. You will always be OPTION #2 BUT you know he has many MORE CHOICES AFTER YOU. MANY MANY MORE. I feel bad for you that you are so far from what you claim to be it’s one thing to be ok with knowing your never going to be anything more than second choice. But then again your ok with having sex in his wife’s bed that share. You as a female don’t respect youself to stoop that low laying on his wife’s come while you came in SECOND AGAIN . STOP TRYING TO BE THE VICTIOM in your own kayos LIES & .FAKE PROFILES remember some one out here really knows you PEPSI HEAD.

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