Crystal Thompson — Adams, Wisconsin

This ugly ass nasty skank USED to be my best friend. The one I cried too when hurt. The one who I got a job at my place of employment because she needed a job. So being the best friend i am i did that. She always called my husband “Uncle Brad” because he’s much older. In May 2016 they started texting ALOT and when i asked it stop, i was told “its just texting” well her husband didnt know the extent of the texting until the end of july when he finally left her and his final words were “hope you and brad enjoy” I tried to make it work but with all my begging it got worse. On December 23,2016 he left for buffalo to see his new grandson. Its about a 6 hr drive. I had no idea. He left at 6pm and never got home until 230pm on 12/24.he swore he was alone. On 12/26, his daughter saus “how is crystal a grandma” i said ” lets not mention that name here” she replied with “no really how is she a grandma to the baby” i lost it. Got on facebook and there it all was in black and white!!! “So glad i got to meet this little man tonight. Welcome to our crazy family” come to find out, when her “uncle brad” was dropping his kids off there, he was staying and enjoying her company. GOOD LUCK WHORE!!!! Hes your headache now bitch.

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