Crystal Shuler — San Antonio, Texas

This girl went out of her way for almost 8 years to lie to me about a man she has been seeing. Eight years is a long time out of 11 and your friendship/relationship. Not to mention that the guy she was seeing was a married surgeon with kids and a wife that lived in Texas then moved to Maine that would come back here to San Antonio to do work. They hooked up and started having an affair ruining his life with his wife and kids making him not care about them and also sucking money from him through the unimaginable amounts. In the process of doing this for eight years she lied to my face constantly every day all day for eight years straight and have no remorse whatsoever. She really hurt my heart and I will never forget her but yet I don’t know if her give her either. She may come with a sweet smile and nice package but she’s nothing but pure evil and bitterness. All she thinks about is herself and how she can benefit herself she can’t even take care of herself and her own daughter which is sad but obviously being with someone that’s twice her age maybe help her maintain so ruining lives there’s nothing to her But a benefit to the way she lives because she has to have the easy way out. Also while she was having the affair with the surgeon. she also cheated on him several times. She will ruin your life she will break your home she was steal your man & do whatever it takes to get her way even if it means hurting her own family and friends and then a whole other family that she doesn’t know because all she’s doing is fucking the husband. She screws she’s mean and I just want you all to know so y’all can be wearing watch out. Simple as that. She’s a cold hearted woman. Looking for the next opportunity to advance her lifestyle anyway she can.

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