Crystal Allana English — Pheonix, Arizona

This recently released jailbird had the audacity to move into my apartment – the apt of my boyfriend, which the 2 of us shared until I had just moved out (WE NEVER BROKE UP and were very much so still together in every way shape and form). So for almost a month, he and/or she would simply hide her belongings!!!! What kind of person participates in such shady and hurtful shenanigans????? She claims to be married, but also claims to be “getting married” soon to a husband/fiance/”twin flame” WHO GET THIS – IS ALSO INCARCERATED right now! These 2 idiots tried to lie to me and say they were only roommates and he needed the money. Yet she admits to f**king him on the same day I was with him even though she purportedly has this twin flame. lmao. Shame on Crystal English of Mesa AZ who has 1 son who doesn’t even live with her. Kudos – you homewrecker! You broke us up, just after the other homewrecker took my husband of 13 yrs!

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