Cory Jeremiah Shaw — Okinawa, Japan

This guy Cory Jeremiah Shaw is a gigolo, a biggest douche bag that would do anything for sex and to secure himself from hunger being homeless. He was in the Marines back in 2006. While stationed on Okinawa, Japan, he hooked up with a 16-year-old local girl, took her to a hotel and had sex with her, which is illegal in Japan as well as in the states. He was even married to another Japanese local! He also cheated with another local and impregnated her, abandoned her and the baby only because he did not want to get in trouble in the military. He married three times to Japanese women and ended up getting divorces with them all because he cheated and of his alcohol issues. Before his third marriage, he cheated on his girlfriend for a few years with a local because they lived separately and he lost his apartment for not paying the rent. He only needed someone to let him live with them as he was a homeless and lived out of his car! Back then he was making a living by selling illegal drugs to locals. In his third marriage, he spent all her money and abused her every time he was drunk. He married her only because he wanted to stay in Japan and this was the only way for him. He then went back to become homeless and found another girl to let him live with her. He is now living in another prefecture of Japan.

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