Corlette Chips Douglas – New York

Corlette chips Douglas of Bronx, NY. Works for Securitas and MGN funding He is a pathological liar and a fraud. He is very friendly by beware he uses that to gain people trust then he fraud them.what ever he tells you including business deals investigate it. He has been caught robing people out of cash in business deals. If I were u -I won’t do business with him. He uses his emplayment to meet women especially married women n have affairs with them. Has 35 years history of having affairs with his friends wives. When they do find out, it has been going on for years. That’s how good he is in deceiving people. He is a broke a** talker. Has two jobs and doesn’t jave dime in the bank. Without his wife who has a home he would be homeless or live in the housing project one of his other woman lives in. Has two jobs for 25 yrs and not a dime to show for it. He is a dead beat dad never financially, emotionally or mentally provide for them. He was never home out looking for the next friend’s wife or girlfriend to sleep with. His kids hardly saw him while growing up. Their mother raised them alone without any help from him. There are all college grauates, they resent him n hardy if ever speak to him. They remewmbered everything he did. He was an absent father. Came and went as he pleased. Disrespected the marriage n the family. He usually tells women” wait you don’t trust me. You need to trust me, I mean everyword I said.I m married but I will take care of you better than your husband”” liar he is a broke a** old man. Lives at the Doctor with so many medical conditions. Can hardly walk and uses a cane, beware of this man he is the smoothest liar you will ever meet. He will put your health at risk. He doesn’t like to use condoms so he has always have unprotected sex with women including prostitutes. He was caught twice with a prostitute. His wife put him out but felt sorryfor him because he has no place. He has credit cards bills he can’t afford to pay. He is a unwanted dog in her home. Everyone ignores him. His children n wife has no respect for him. How can you respect a dirty old man who has never provided n respected the family they see him as a stranger. Look out he is a dirty old man

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