Cordell Demetrius Lee – Oregon

Cordell is a manipulative cheating sex/porn addict and mooch. He will push hard for a serious relationship telling you how beautiful you are and how thankful he is to have you. He’ll tell you how sexy and amazing you are as a mother and how he wishes his exes were just like you. He’ll go with you to doctor appointments and teacher conferences… yes, that far! He’s originally from Dallas TX and is currently in arrears with Texas child support for $30k. His dob is 06/18/1990, has 2 kids with 2 different women and wants more. His sweet southern charm and smooth talking will convince you that he will pay his rent and pay you back for any loans he asks for but he always falls short or doesn’t come through at all. You can find him on Tagged and POF. His phone is always on silent and locked to hide his porn addiction. Compulsively lies about EVERYTHING and denies he has kids, lies about his age, will screw anything that has two legs and a v*****. He targets women in Portland, Beaverton Oregon areas. Travels to Dallas TX to visit his kids but screws around when he’s down there too. Don’t fall for his crap ladies! He’s really good at his game and will stop at nothing unless you totally cut him off.

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