Coral Leilani Caires – Kenton, Ohio

My husband and I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter and have been together for 6 years, but now my marriage is ruined because of this whore.
So this girl named Coral Leilani Caires is a mother of a 1 year old who works at Walmart. My husband worked at walmart and they became friends. 
Her and my husband both worked the same shifts which was from 2 to 11pm. According to my husband her husband and father of the child was currently in jail for some type of drug related crime. She told my husband that she lies and tells everyone shes lesbian so guys wont hit on her but I knew that was actually a desperate call for attention (few men ever see that though) . My husband even told me her husband would call her from prison yelling at her because he would hear rumors that she was telling people she was single and not married. She was always texting my husband and never once wanted to speak to me or have anything to do with me which also let me know she was up to no good. 
One day I just flat out blocked her number on my husbands phone because I’m his wife and I can do that. Well he went nuts, he acted like the world was ending like I had just cut him off from something he cared too much about. He unblocked her against my wishes and the “friend ship” continued.
Well one night he just didn’t come home from work and I knew then exactly what he was doing. 
I even called him and he answered told me he was at his friends house (Coreys) and he said he would be home in a couple of hours. 
Well I slept the entire night home alone by myself with my daughter and he didn’t get home until 9:30 am. 
I let it go because I honestly didn’t want to believe it. But I knew….
A few days go by and he says after work his mom needs him to go help her with something so he walks all the way across town to his moms in the cold in the middle of the night. He was gone for 5 hours and didn’t come home until 4-5 in the morning. He told me he had gone for a “long walk” and played Pokemon Go. His mom lived right by the apartments Coral lived at (I didn’t know that at the time) .
I thought that was odd but I let it go…
Then it just kind of hit me… I woke up one morning and I rolled over and asked him if he was cheating on me if there was anything I should know about. He was reluctant at first but then told me they had kissed. I knew that he wasn’t telling me everything so I pushed him to tell me the whole truth and he finally told me. 
The first night he didn’t come home, Coral actually INVITED him to her apartment and she COOKED HIM DINNER and they DRANK WINE while WATCHING NETFLIX. 
Next thing he knows they start kissing and shes on him grinding and they get naked and fuck and it happened the same way when he “went to help his mom” that one night. 
This whore knew he had a daughter and a wife of 6 years. I know he was in the wrong and hes suffering for it. But this girl works at WALMART, you’d think out of the tons of people she’s exposed to every day that she would avoid the married men? What kind of person invites a married man to their apartment? I want this girls reputation to be ruined. She constantly harasses us in Walmart and gets away with it. I’ve complained and complained. This is literally all I can do to have ANY closure at all. To me it feels like she completely got away with it. Even in her Facebook picture she flaunts how shes proud of being slutty trash. Not to mention she only knew my husband for 2 weeks and brought him home to where her baby boy sleeps. I think that behavior is dangerous and she is putting her son in danger by inviting strange men to her apartment.

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