Colby Charles Geller, Altadena, CA. Salt Lake City, Utah. Fort Worth, Texas. Dallas, Texas

Liar and cheater. He sees multiple women at one time. He keeps dating apps for short term, one-night stands and engages in “exclusive” relationships with gullible women who believe his very involved lies. Lies include dead relatives, court dates, broken down vehicles, illness. He keeps work in different states so that he can keep multiple “relationships” going at any given time. He is an excellent liar. He is charming and good looking. He will even go so far as to ingratiate himself into a woman’s family and circle of friends. He will take “smoke breaks” or long “bathroom breaks” to do his texting and chatting. So if you are suspicious, you have reason to be. He had a 1.5 year relationship with me. I’m pretty sure, but cannot prove he was ending a relationship in Utah when he first met me. He then proceeded to go to Texas on three different occasions. The first time he came back with a dating app on his phone which I saw on accident. He swore it was a one night aberration and I believed him. There were other clues to his cheating behavior that I ignored until the third time he was in Texas when his calls got fewer and far between. He broke up with me over the phone though he had come back to California to see me. Then he called me from Texas, swore he was NOT in a relationship and left things open for us to talk when he got back to California again. A few days later he ghosted me. I did and investigation and found out he had started a serious relationship with a woman in Texas not long after he arrived there. All while calling me and telling me to be patient and that he was “just so busy” with his project. I found this out because I spoke with the woman. He had another “blank” FB page in Dallas, Texas which is most likely attached to some other woman. This woman in Fort Worth said he had dating apps on his phone when she met him. He had always kept his phone away from me after I found that app. Looking back I could clearly see all the lies and hiding. He told her he broke up with me in the summer and that I was a graphic design artist on the side and that’s how I altered the texts I sent her of our correspondence. He is an ARDENT and EXTREME liar.

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