Clerissa Bipolar Patten

Clerissa Patten is Chilliwack’s most well known CHEATER. She cheated on all the people she’s ever dated. ALL OF THEM. Logan. Xavier. Michael. Jason. Harry. Ollie. Steve. Mark. You name a person she’s dated and I guarantee that she has cheated. She might be a 7 but everyone in Chilliwack views her as a 4 due to her constant drug abuse and cheating. MEN, STAY FAR AWAY from this CHEATING SOCIOPATH. She will tell her friends that you beat her, attempt to get her drug dealer friends to fight you, and she’ll cheat on you! She once put a hit on her ex boyfriend (total psychopath). She put an evil sick and twisted false accusation about her ex on the internet and showed her true sociopathic nature. This woman actually lacks a conscience and has severe mental problems.
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