Claudia A. Yanez-Fetis

Saw a Facebook live video at the bar and notice husband in the background with another woman. Tell
husband I saw her, he abandons his wife and kids (including a new baby) for her. Leaves them with
NOTHING, no money, no car, no income, no home. They are seen regularly at the bar, him buying her
drinks at least 4 nights of the week, every week for months. Saw husbands van parked on a strange street,
notice her walking towards him, she hides from wife. Husband refuses to hold baby or contribute to
children’s well being whatsoever because all resources must go to her. His son is devastated that his dad
will not take his calls or spend time with him. He says he will see his son and then never answers or shows,
then always seen with her same day. She should know better than to destroy a family, she knows he’s
married, why not cut o communication? She knows he’s married why not tell him to get divorced before
seeing him? Because he wont and she doesn’t care that she’s wrecking a family. She knows he has kids,
why not turn down a drink and encourage him to support his kids nancially? It is what it is, he’s married
and she’s actively involved with a married man.

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