Christopher Wade Mandolini – Daytona Beach, Florida

Sophia Meisner took my kids

While Chris Mandolini hasn’t lived in Daytona Beach for a few years, he’s successfully cucked many people in the area. He has taken the virginity of many local girls, including the fake lesbian, Kendra Divina Fry, that’s been posted on here and other sites. She cheated on her boyfriend Gaige Joseph Hanrahan with him multiple times and yet the dumbass still married her after he found out about it all. Hey, Gaige, picture this guy’s greasy chode sliding inside of your ugly bald “wife”, no amount of rage can erase the fact that she sucked his dick and had sex with him for weed when she was a sophomore at Seabreeze High School and there’s nothing you can do about it. Chris Mandolini realized that Kendra was a slut and moved onto another woman who he had a child with, before finally getting out of Florida for good.

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