Christine Chrissy Miller — Myrtle Creek, Oregon

Can you do this? Chrissy Miller myrtle creek oregon Homewrecking druggy This wrinkly whore is Chrissy. Chrissy’s spent her life being a bag dump for drugs, including methamphetamine and alcoholism, prescription pills which are not hers and cum instead of being an actual mother. She’s so much more goal oriented towards “men” than she is actually spending time with her children. Generally she just drops them off and fucks around. She’s 9 years older than my ex fiancee and literally watched him grow up with her brother yet that didn’t stop her from fucking him and neither did our 3 children and engagement. She congratulated me months before while I was still pregnant with our 3rd. While I was cooking him dinner, taking care of the children and house he was “stuck” where he should’ve never been. I recieved a text from him telling me he loves me and hours later he didn’t come home. The next thing I know she’s created a Facebook and being tagged getting “void” over her ex’s name on her chest with my fiancee! As if the tattoo isn’t trashy enough the fact that my man associate’s with her is even worse. He walks in at 8 in the morning and denies everything! He even tells me a story about how someone “thought they fucked and he had to leave”. He forces me to sleep with him just to brag to some trashy child that he “fucked the hot one”. That message was sent laying next to me in bed! I found it the next morning in which he denied it then started to say he was “taken advantage of”. When I confronted this disgusting cunt she said “I wasn’t in a relationship”! My fucking man was and she knew it! Then she starts to say how she enjoyed it. Well bitch he said you were loose and your tits were saggy. Not only that a few days later she went to the bar and got alcohol poisoning then was begging for him! Supposedly she was “in love” with him. No it’s called lust and it was pretty hilarious hearing him shut your dirty ass down! Now this whore goes about chasing other male’s in their 20s and hanging out with her “best friend” Jaci Alves who also homewrecked my family. The karmas getting better as the men use both cunts and say that want nothing serious but move on to someone and get engaged. Hey Chrissy why don’t you learn how to be a real mom and have real goals other than spreading your legs and pumping yourself full of drugs.

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