Christina Farmer Redmond — Gastonia, North Carolina

This trifling bitch was grew up with my girl friend. They had been distant friends through the years. They shared a mutual friend snd their friendship blossomed in time. Christina set out to take my girl friend’s best friend place. Christina works at Chili’s at the Whithall location in Charlotte as an Assistant Manager. This sneaky bitc* would call and text me behind my girl friend’s back asking if she could come over and make drinks for us. Then Christina would ask about cooking us dinner. Christina would ask me if i ever had sex in the rain and she would tell me that she was horny and haven’t had sex in months. When i stopped talking to her, she then went after my girl friend. Christina manipulated my girl friend by becoming her best friend and eventually turning her against me. Christina started sleeping with my girl friend. This low life bitc* had been in my home drinking my alcohol and eating my food. Christina is in another post for doing the same thing. Christina screws men and women. She has two daughters McKenna and Ariana. I hate to think what she’s teaching her daughters. She was married to Darren Redmond and cheated on him with black guys. She married Darren knowing she never wanted him. Christina is a sick individual and hss no remorse for her actions. Christina took Darren from his wife of 20 plus years. Once she got him, they were divorced in about 2 years. Christina sleeps with black and white guys and women too. She even tried to seduce her General Manager Heather at the Gastonia Chili’s. Heather told her numerous timed she had a girl friend and she loves her girl friend and would never cheat on her. Christina continued to pursue her until she was transferred to the Whithall location. Christina is desperate and has nothing to offer anyone but that nasty thing between her legs. Every man she had, she took from someone else. You would think this simple bitc* would learn that you don’t win when you are dirty.

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