Cheyne Romero – Manhattan, New York

Cheyne / Ophelia sells her holes to old men as Ophelia Wilde. Check out her personal social media and her hooking sites for proof. She has her own floozy website, a twitter hooking account where potential clients can DM her and where she shares hooking tips with other floozys. Not going to lie – she is hot AF. Young, cute, athletic, with an all natural body with triple D’s. She’s very open minded and wild with an all access pass (all holes). She blows men without protection so make sure to get checked if you’re ever been with her. She’s a recent graduate from Pace University and I guess needs the money to pay off her student loans. It’s a sad situation as she’s very intelligent and can be successful in a real job. Instead she took the shortcut to suck old men’s balls and let them up her a55. She doesn’t have a regular job and floozys full time. She also has a sugar daddy that takes her on trips and shopping sprees as long as long as she lets him do anything to her. Cheyne please adjust course and get a real job before floozying is all you know in life. The longer you stay in the floozying and sugar baby life, the harder it will be to get out of it. You’ll never have a real relationship and will have drds (if you don’t have already). Save your soul. #thotexpose #deadinside Cheyne Romero

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