Cheyenne Drappeaux — Omaha, Nebraska

So when I first saw this whore on my boyfriends Facebook I didn’t worry because hey, they’re cousins. When he and I were still together but not staying together I pull up to find him with her. When I hopped out of NY car ready to slap the bitch she started cringing and yelling ‘he’s my cousin!!” We split up and he was still staying at my place with me almost every day and come to find out… They’re f*cking around. I told her a million times to stay away and I was with him but I guess she just never believed me? Even though I sent pictures of him in my bed and all of that but I guess I was lying haha so when his dumb ass goes to jail she’s crying and all this but who does he call? Me. Gives me his Facebook and let’s her know that he was only using her. Few weeks later, we were married but since she keeps looking for an update but wants to message me and block me before I reply, here it is. Were married. You’re still a hoe. My husband didn’t want you then or now, as I always predicted. Hope this gets to you!

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