Cheyenne Copeland — Sidney, Ohio

OK so I was with my suppose to be fiancé for nearly 4 years… only to discover that he was cheating the whole time. We have a son together who will be 14 months old. Well my so called friend, Cheyenne started staying in our home due to some circumstances that she claimed. My fiancé and I were trying to repair our relationship, I come down at 3am to make a bottle for our son and low and behold there they are on my couch making out. I was furious and hurt more so because I asked her beforehand and she straight lied to me. So with that being said and other things that occurred my son and I were basically forced out of our home. The sad thing is she just turned 18 and he will be 47 this coming July. She’s also pregnant by some other guy and expects my son’s father to raise her kid and he’s pushed his son to the side for her. The sick thing is, she’s wearing my stolen engagement rings that have been reported to the local police which they aren’t doing anything about.

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