Chelsi Metcalfe – Los Angeles, California

Chelsi Metcalfe, known as “Chelsi Alise” on social media, is a desperate, pyschopath who tried to ruin the relationship with a father and his 7 year old daughter who were simply renting a guest home, because he didn’t want to sleep with Chelsi. Nick, let me tell you about this mentally unstable, dirty chick Chelsi. My friend rented two rooms, with a separate entrance in her parents house last year for himself and his daughter that he found online. During his time there she would break into his room and go through his things. He only lived there for 2 months and she would keep track of when he would come home, and eventually sent him a text telling him that she wanted to be with him and that if he didn’t agree then she would lock him out and take his dogs to the pound. He ended up staying with me for weeks at a time, with his dogs, and daugher. She would blow up his phone threatening to throw his stuff and his daughter’s belongings away. Afterwards she would send messages about wanting to sneak in his room and try to fuk him even though she knew he didn’t want it, but she “couldn’t help herself” if he came home, and saying he didn’t have a choice and that her feelings were too strong and that he needed to love her. After he told her he was leaving she wouldn’t let him get his stuff, and held his child’s and his belongings hostage unless he came alone. She also went as far as to contact his ex baby-mama and tell her lies our of anger, to get the baby-mama to take him to court and lose custody of his daughter. This girl is an absolute PYSCHOPATH, she’ DESPERATE, HER SNATCH STINKS, she has DRDs, and should be mentally hospitalized. Warning, STAY AWAY FROM HER.

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