Chelsey Glover Cloud 9 salon 2147831705 Argyle TX Corinth Texas-

Chelsey Nicole Glover tries to do hair for a living but talks shit about all of her customers & steals credit card info from them. She has been disciplined by Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation for working without a cosmetology license. Everyone laughs at Chelsey behind her slanted crooked ass back because when she walks, she looks likes she’s doing the limbo LOL. She takes up so much room when walking she oughtta come with an oversized load sign! She has to rent two booths to accommodate the amount of space she wastes. She fucked her daddy all the time which is why all of the Glover’s look retarded. Her daddy was killed when he picked on a young kid he butt fucked – like a Michael Jackson priest/alter boy relationship- and the boy shot Randy Glover is self defense and Chelsey and her crazy convicted felon sister Courtney say the guy is a murderer and expect special treatment LOL. Their dad was just an inbred hillbilly like them.
Chelsey was walking and doing her limbo limbo too much that her bladder exploded LOL and piss went everywhere. Seeing this ugly crippled up bitch unconscious
in her hospital bed was gratifying. Karma’s only beginning for the inbred hillbilly.

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