Chelsea Langston Bombino – District of Columbia

Chelsea Langston Bombino (or Chelsea Rae Langston) loves to use boys for their money and keeping several men on the hook until she steals you blind. She will pretend to be a devout christian (who ironically fights for muslim religious freedom) while cheating on her husband Josh. Chelsea is freaky in bed as she will allow several men to play with her at the same time, one fondling her breasts and others stimulating her with vibrators simultaneously. She will charm you with her sexual appetite and even smoke weeds with you if you offer her any. What can you say, people who go to law schools with heavy debts are inherrently dishonest, and she knows she has to be a c*** to offer “favors” to high ranked people to survive in DC. Josh is a mere community manager with a tiny package so he has no ideas how many people have f***** his wife. She has the defining look of a c*** w****, watch out! Chelsea Langston Bombino

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