Cheena Dauber — New York City, New York

This woman is a real home-wrecker. she got involve with a man that was fully married for many year. He live out of state and came to florida for work and came many time. I know that when he was married he has 1 daughter. When he came to Florida he would see his mistress Cheena and many many people know about Cheena and he would take her out like they was a couple. i dont know anyone that ever saw the real wife anywhere. Because she live in a state far away. Cheena break up a family. The wife find out and she divorce him. So what does this home-wrecker do, she get pregnant to keep that man under control. He marry her only because she is pregnant. She will do anything to make sure he don’t so the same thing so she gives her body to other men and woman together so he can watch and join in. this is NOT private information. Every one knows all about this. He trash her name to any one that will hear him. Tells all private marriage stuff to people to make her look bad and crazy but she got what she had coming to her. what go around comes back around.

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