Mark Price is a special kind of guy who likes to ruin people’s lives. 

He is charming and very attractive which makes him even more dangerous and is able to sweep into people’s lives and leaving them extremely damaged. 

He will tell you EVERYTHING you want to hear and do things to make you believe him all the while he is really planning on doing the opposite with who ever he is with. He was with someone for 7 years and dumped them immediately after spotting an ex girlfriend while she was working. 

He has even betrayed his girlfriend while on vacation in Tennessee while he was talking to the girl he cheated on with. He is with so many women at one time he can’t even keep the lies straight. 

Do yourself a favor. Don’t bother talking to him or falling victim like so many other women have to his lies, abuse, and turmoil. Otherwise you’ll end up fighting for everything and your self worth!

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